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I love the idea of these SOS kits from Emma Lomax. Emma  started embroidering at age 5 and now designs every product in her range and every item is hand sewn.

The SOS Kits are a great idea, each is filled with handy products that you might need while you are out and about. There are handbag kits, gym kits, travel kits, nail kits, wedding kits and several more.

I have the Orange Airplane SOS Travel Kit here (£30)*.

Emma Lomax SOSEmma Lomax SOSIdeal for travelling, flights in particular, this little kit has everything you could possibly need for your trip, all housed in a cute little wipe clean, transparent bag.

Emma Lomax SOSInside there’s a toothbrush, toothpaste, a mint, a tampon, a sewing kit and safety pin, kirby grips and a hair tie, nail clippers, a lip balm, a plaster, tweezers (leave these out if flying internationally!), a portable battery charger and usb cable, ear plugs, hand wipe, emery board and orange stick, nail polish remover wipes, folding brush and a mirror.

Emma Lomax SOS

Its a great little kit and I would highly recommend. That said I do think that the contents ought to be a bit more regulated, just to make sure you get what the kit says you should get. On the side of my box it says my kit contains Berocca (it doesn’t). On the Emma Lomax site, it says the contents also include deodorant wipes and earring backs (mine doesn’t). Its not a complaint, I’m very happy with my kit as it is, but it is something someone really fussy could have a moan about. Its swings and roundabouts though as I seem to have items that aren’t mentioned on the list either. Either way, I don’t see it as a concern, but I do think other people might!

If you don’t want the bits in the bag and just want the bag, that’s also available. I’d be very happy with all the kits on offer, I especially love the heart and star kits.

All products have recently launched in Selfridges and are also available from the Emma Lomax site and prices range from £14 to £30 and are great for the handbag, travelling or pretty much any occasion.

*Item received free of charge for review purposes



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  1. Sandra says:

    This looks like a great little travel kit. I’ve got one of Emma’s make up bags which I love! x

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