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Escentric 01 You may recall that I recently reviewed the fragrance Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. I have continued to wear it daily and I really love it.

I did however have a reader ask me if I had tried Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules*, I hadn’t, but ever keen to please, here we are!

Escentric 01


Escentric 01 is the sister fragrance to Molecule 01. Where Molecule 01 is a single note, ISO E-Super, Escentric 01 is based around, but is not exclusively, ISO E-Super.  From my previous review you may recall that ISO E-Super (and therefore Molecule 01) is a woody, warm and clean scent. Escentric 01 smells very much like Molecule 01, the singular note of ISO E-Super is very evident but this is a more complex scent. Other notes include pink pepper, lime peel and orris incense.

Escentric 01It’s really lovely. Like Molecule 01, I think this is also a unisex fragrance. It’s rich and warm and woody, but the zesty-ness lifts it a little while the pink pepper adds a touch of spice. While it is more complex than its sister fragrance, it is still a simple clean scent and absolutely wearable.

With both fragrances in my possession, I’m struggling each day to choose which to wear, I love them both. I find Molecule 01 wears a longer on my skin, but that stuff is miraculous on me when it comes to wear time, I still get a day out of Escentric 01, with ease.

I’ve loved trying both of the scents out, and as I say, I can’t choose a favourite, but if you like a touch more than just wood, then Escentric 01 is the one for you.

I have the 30ml Refill bottle which is £30, but there is also a 100ml bottle available at £65.50 and a 30ml bottle with a case which is £39.50.

It’s available from Harvey Nichols and Liberty, and you can find more information on the Escentric website.

*Fragrance Received Free of Charge for Review Purposes

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