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Essie Resort Collection Summer 2011

I couldn’t resist popping these in my basket recently when shopping for a few bits. I love Essie and all the colours in this mini set really appealed to me as they looked to have a pearl kind of a finish which I really like.

The theme of this little collection would seem to be safari given the terrible pun-tastic names and the colours certainly seem safari-esque.

Actually this collection, whilst I do love all the colours, one in particular, was a bit of a fail for me though. I’ve found the formula really hard to work with, pretty thick, much like applying a hite if you’re familiar with that. Patchy, and the second coat often pulls up the first coat. They take a bit of effort to get on nicely and by the time you’ve evened up the patches your layers are thick and take ages to dry, even with a quick dry top coat. And even with a base and top coat, these all chipped the next day. This isn’t what I’m used to from Essie at all! Disappointing. Anyway, lets have a look.
Da Bush:
Essie Da Bush
Reminds me of the OPI Stranger Tides, although not a dupe, it’s similar. A bit streaky, nice enough but not my favourite colour on me. Nearly lobster hands on me though…
Fair Game:
Essie Fair Game
Nice, reminds me a bit of Chanel’s Black Pearl. It’s a grey, black with hint of green. This was taken less the morning after I put it on, all I’d done was sleep and there are chips on the tips of the middle and index finger.
Lion Around:
Essie Lion Around
A gorgeous colour but an absolute nightmare to apply. Such hard work! I do love the colour but I can’t see me reaching for this just because I can’t be doing with the effort of putting it on.
Your Hut or Mine:
Essie Your Hut or Mine
Oh I love this so much. Its a sort of corally, pinky, red, a bit muted, and its full of orange and fuschia shimmer. I couldn’t capture that amazing shimmer too well, but it’s so gorgeous.  Just like all the others it chipped badly and quickly but I’m going to try some other base and top coats because I really want to wear this. I love it sooooo much!
So all in all disappointing in terms of wear and application for me, but I do really like the colours.

0 responses to “Essie Resort Collection Summer 2011”

  1. I love Your Hut or Mine – just the kind of shade I could see myself getting a lot of wear of.

  2. Miss Lexi says:

    I find Seche Vite is the only top coat that gives me more than 2 days with Essie polish.
    I love it, but they just aren’t practical

  3. I wish I could come across these mini sets!! I was having a real love affair with Essie but it’s starting to waver with some difficult to apply purchases of late. Pretty shades though!

  4. Zuzu's Petals says:

    Your Hut or Mine is my favorite! I think it looks the nicest on you, as well.

  5. luv2smilexo says:

    aw i loved last years resort collection but this one is kind of blah 🙁

  6. Mari says:

    I agree with luv2smilexo, this collection looks blah and I hate to say it, but kind of looks like cheap reject colors 🙁 I will skip. Charlie, after reading how you felt about Seche Vite I bought it and LOVE it!

  7. jennie says:

    Your hut or mine is SO pretty! xo

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have had excellent application and wear time with your hutnor mine and lion around. Aboutvacweek with seche vite. And I just love the colors. Trying to hunt down fair game too.

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