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Morning all!

I’ve had this polish for quite a while and not got round to doing a NotD for you until now with it. So I give you Essie Shift Power.

Essie Shift Power

This is a really beautiful gold, the flash unfortunately brings out the worst in polishes I think so I want to show you this rubbish picture.

Essie Shift Power
The reason I’m showing you that is because its a far better representation of how the polish looks, its a beautiful soft, pearly gold which seems to glow. It’s really lovely and nowhere near as brash as the flash makes it look in the first pic. There are brush strokes, but you have to look very closely for them.
Being me I couldn’t just leave them like this and then I spoiled it!
 Essie Shift Power
Blurry black polka dots. Close up you can see how badly I did it.

Essie Shift Power
Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice gold polish then look no further, this is really nice when you don’t plaster stupid black dots on it!

0 responses to “Essie Shift Power NotD and Konad.”

  1. kty says:

    this looks to interesting…espically with the dots…love!!!

  2. jaljen says:

    I prefer it with the dots tbh. I don’t think I’ve ever met a gold I could get on with…..

  3. Sophie says:

    i really like the colour, thats me all over, nice colour but I always have to add something! x

  4. Get Gawjus! says:

    It looks really pretty to me and those polka dots are supa cute!

  5. Kim says:

    I’m not a fan of gold polish, but I think it looks great with the black polka dots 🙂

  6. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I’m surprised you all like it with the spots! I am not keen for some reason!

  7. liloo says:

    mmmmmm this gold varnish is to die for and it suits your carnation so well x

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