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Will someone please tell me what Cello Shots actually means?! The new Estee Lauder collection, Cello Shots, features lip and cheek products that are all slightly translucent so I’m guessing Cello Shots is some kind of play on Jello Shots? I could be so wrong, someone put me out of my misery!

Mystifying collection name aside I’m very impressed with the two Cheek Rush blushers I’ve been trying out are lovely. There are four shades, Hot Fuse, Pink Patent, X-Pose Rose and Techno Jam and I’ve been trialling Pink Patent and X-Pose Rose.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush Blusher

Okay so what we’ve got are sheer gel like blushers in pump dispenser bottles. They can and do work as stains also so you need to work fast with them. The formula is water based and they feel really hydrating on and they add a soft dewy effect to cheeks.

Here’s one little pump of X-Pose Rose on the Left and Pink Patent on the right so you can see the texture of the product.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush Blusher

Blended out we can see a few things about these.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush Blusher

Firstly, Pink Patent on the right is virtually invisible blended out while you can see the sheer pink finish of X-Pose Rose on the right. And if you look really closely in the middle of the left swatch you can see a perfect little circle of darker pink, and that’s where the blob stained before I rubbed it in. This is a good thing as it means your cheek colour will stay put all day, but it also means you need to blend fast but if you’re used to working with stains that shouldn’t be a problem!

Let’s start with how X-Rose Pose looks when it’s on.

It’s pretty and pink and sheer and lovely. Highly recommend.

And here’s Patent Pink.

It’s really quite pretty. It adds only the very faintest pink, a hint of dewy-ness and that’s about it. I quite frequently go for minimal or no blusher and so this works pretty well for me, I’d say it wasn’t for anyone who isn’t fair skinned though, I don’t think it’d show up on anyone much darker than me. It is pretty though!

The two colours that are really up my street are the more orange/red based ones, Techno Jam and Hot Fuse, so I’m going to take a trip to the Estee Lauder counter to have a look in person!

I think these are pricey at £24 each, but they are really pretty and I do love the formula, they just feel lovely!

Available from Estee Lauder counters nationwide now, or from Estee Lauder Online. Hurry though, they are limited edition as are all the coordinated lip products.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

4 responses to “Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush Blushers Review”

  1. Old Cow says:

    I like cheek tints with just a flush of colour in summer. Stops me looking like I have heat rash 🙂

    Thanks for the review my dear.

    BTW HOW do you get your freckles to look so cute? Can you do a tutorial?

  2. Shubha Juyal says:

    Pretty!!..But really sheer… 🙂
    Will sure give it a try!!


  3. Ladymoonlight says:

    These tend to oxidise on me and the colour looks much stronger a couple of minutes after the application. I think these wear really well in the summer heat.

  4. Cosmetics Aficionado says:

    Those are very pretty, but I would worry they would disappear on me.

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