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Famous Dave's Gradual 10

Hello there!

Today I’m talking fake tans. I’m white. I mean really really white. Whiter than white.

I have a long long history of fails with fake tans. I’ve tried pretty much all on the market at some point and have had streaks every single time, despite exfoliation and following instructions. So I don’t bother any more. Clearly, if every single brand streaks on me, even those that promise no streaks, we’re talking about user error here. Now I embrace my paleness on the whole.

That said, as Summer progresses and we get a bit of sun, my shoulders, arms, chest, face all catch a bit of colour, taking me too a very pale golden shade, my legs never ever do and remain this kind of blue tinged white. It’s not the end of the world for me, I don’t mind too much, it’s just how I was made, but for special occasions or if I’m feeling a bit self concious then I’d like to be able to do something about it.

For me this isn’t about being a bronzed goddess, which I’m not bothered about being, this is just about wanting to take away the blue tinged whiteness and bring my legs closer to the colour the rest of me gets.

Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 Lotion works like a charm for me. I’m so happy. Absolutely simple to apply, (that is if you don’t grab it in the middle of the night thinking it’s your Melvita body lotion and liberally apply in a haphazard fashion to your entire chest which is feeling a bit dry, you wouldn’t do that would you because that would be really really dumb…and you’ll get a very odd looking chest in the morning and orange palms), that aside, it’s incredibly simple to use. Just exfoliate, massage in, like its your body lotion but just taking a bit of care on elbows, knees, feet, and other hot spots, wash your hands with soap and then just watch and see.  For me this is perfection. No streaks, easy to do and very quick, very very pale with only one or two applications, but buildable if you want to be browner.

For me I just want to lose that blue tinge as I say and that’s what this does, it makes my legs match the rest of me!  It’s brililant! I’ve not dared to do the whole of my body and I dare say I never will tan my whole body unless I ever go mad and get a spray tan (my portly frame stood in front of a stranger clad only in paper pants? no thanks!) but this is absolutely fab and now my Summer staple. I’ve had it for quite a while and still have loads left but I’d be very happy to pay the £17.99 to replace when it does run out.

Famous Dave's Gradual 10

Available from http://www.famousdave.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. It sounds really good. I use Xen Tan when I can be bothered but it makes me look like David Dickinson! x

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