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I’ve been having a little Google and I’ve realised that FuturePrimitive, whilst new to me, have been around a while. And indeed I have read about them on blogs in the past but somehow forgot about them. Here we are though and back in May I had a bit of Birthday money burning a whole in my pocket and the time was right.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. make soap as the name would suggest. But they make hand make the soap in the traditional method, cold process. The inspiration for the products is taken from nature in most cases and there is a general catalogue of twelves scents, with various Limited Editions coming and going and you have to be quick if you want those. There are some foodie scents too (which are my very guilty pleasure, as I’d love to be sophisticated, but if I’m honest if something smells of cake or sweets, I’m sold), but largely, the scents are based on essential oils. Add in  organic, fair trade, unrefined butters and you’re looking at some beautiful stuff. Along with soaps, there are aromatic oils, scrubs, bathing grains and body whips, and I’m pleased to see whipped soaps have been added to the range this week. I loved whipped soaps and they’d be my top choice for body cleaning every time.

So at the time of my first order I couldn’t choose what to go for so I picked up a few samples.

I grabbed the Sugar Buff Scrub, Body Whip, Soap and Aromatic Oil in St Ives Bay.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent is described as “Softly lapping waves of azure blue. A warm, salty sea breeze, mineral rich seaweed and a hint of Mediterranean Orange Zest”. It’s a lovely fresh scent and one that I’ve really enjoyed using.

I also bought the same sample products but this time in the scent Chocolatier.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent of this range is described “Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. the scent of the orange-infused pure cacao chocolate with Fig syrup, Tahitan Vanilla Beans and West Indian Almond“. Oh this smells lovely. It’s pure chocolate orange for me, you know me, I’m a bit rubbish with scents and the nuances of fig, vanilla and almond are lost on me, but it’s still gorgeous.

A little review of the formulas of the products I tried.

The Sugar Buff scrubs are perfection. The perfect blend of oils, butters and sugar. They scrub really well without being too harsh and you can feel the slightest hint of the oils and butters on your skin after your bath or shower, that’s not to say they leave you oily, they don’t, they leave you feeling soft and moisturised.

The soaps are rich and creamy and a quick rub over a shower puff generates a huge amount of lather and I don’t find them at all drying.

The Body Whip moisturisers require a bit more talking about. Both are light and fluffy and mousse like but the Chocolatier one was especially so, the texture was like nothing I’ve never tried before and I think you can see on the photo up there that the texture is literally like that of a chocolate mousse. It’s sublime. However, with both of the Body Whip’s the slip on them is far less than I’m used to and it takes a short period of getting used to. When you rub it in, your hand will just stop being able to rub it in, so then you just grab a bit more. It’s a strange sensation when you’re used to the more synthetic products you can buy it really is only a case of getting use to it, it’s lovely. Also, I do find they do leave a sticky residue on my skin that disappears in time. I don’t mind this but if it’s a feeling you can’t bear then you might want to avoid these.

The Aromatic oils are lovely and just add a final step to the layering process, and I’ve also heard suggestions of adding them to a scent free shower gel if you’d prefer to wash with shower gel rather than the soap.

With my first order there were a couple of sweet little freebies included.
FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

So enamoured have I been with the samples I bough, it wasn’t long until I bought a few full size products to try out. The Ethereal Seas Body Whip, Sugar Buff and Soap.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Ethereal Seas is describe as “A cool British Seaside breeze laced with flora. Hints of spicy Basil leaf, freshly-grated Lime Zest, buttery wood notes and cranesbill leaves.”

I’ve not tried these out yet as I’m just on the last of my Chocolatier bits, but they smell glorious 🙂

This time my free sample was Strawberry Sugarcane Soap. Yum.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Prices are £5.50 for the soaps, £10 for the body whips and £10.50 for the sugar buffs. Soap samples are £1.50 and can do me for about a fortnight, the sugar buff samples are £4.75 each and the body whip samples are £4.50.

Such a lovely range, and really different. So do head over and check them out if you like beautiful hand made, home grown products!

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  1. Parky says:

    Oh yes, I do love Future Primitive! Favourite scents are Rook & Raven, Ethereal Seas and Elijah’s Comfort 🙂

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