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Lush Emotional Brilliance

I’ve been waiting for this collection for quite some time and at long last, on Saturday, it launched. I’ve really been dreading doing this post though because I’m not even sure where to start, but a trip to my local Lush on Tuesday really helped, so here goes.

Emotional Brilliance is a range of liquid multi-use cosmetics, including liquid liners, lip colours and eye colours. They are all named after moods/states of mind and you can, should you wish to, pop into your local Lush, spin the wheel, pick three shades and have your colours read. Which I did today (with the lovely Bicky). I must say I really quite enjoyed the whole process, there was no hard sell, we weren’t pressured to spin the wheel, we were freely able to browse and swatch the colours and offered the choice to try the wheel should we want to. I think Bicky and I were both relieved about this as there was a fear that we might not be allowed to look at the products until we’d had our colours read. Anyway, I picked Feeling Secure, Dynamic and Believe. Feeling Secure was a stunning bright blue/purple liquid liner and represents exactly as you would imagine, feeling secure and having inner confidence. I also picked out Dynamic liquid liner, which was one I fell in love with in my swatching session, a beautiful metallic pale pinky peach, Β and represents the fact that I AM dynamic, or I was at that precise moment, it was such a gorgeous shade. The final shade Believe is a stunning red lip colour and represented that I believed in myself, again, at that moment.

Lush Emotional Brilliance

The manager of the store made it interesting and fun and well worth doing just for the novelty of it all.

I’m loving the little glass bottles especially. I’ve heard other bloggers commenting on the fact that they suspect that the brushes won’t get out all the product when they get low, but in all honesty that doesn’t bother me, largely because I’ve never finished a product ever, except mascara, foundation, concealer and powder.

The products themselves come in the most stunning array of colours and I’ve got myself a fairly hefty shopping list that I can’t afford sadly. πŸ™

But lets talk about the products I received to try out.

Starting with Fantasy Eyeliner

Lush Fantasty Eye Liner


Lush Fantasy Eye Liner

The most stunning gold liner. I LOVE the stumpy little brush, I find it much easier to control and this performs really well indeed. Looks striking on, is amazingly pigmented, just amazing.

Lush Fantasy Eye Liner

Unfortunately, for the products I was sent, that’s the only one I have a positive comment about.

Vibrance Lipstick

Lush Vibrance Lipstick

Lush Vibrance Lipstick

The most stunning orange ever in its bottle. On my lips, a little too orange, but in this case it’s not the colour I have issue with, its the finish. I applied this, and it looked perfect, then I went downstairs, changed my daughters nappy, then reached for my camera to take the following photo, probably twenty minutes after application.

Lush Vibrance Lipstick

Can you see how it’s started gravitating out… towards the edges of my lips? I swear to god that after an hour of wearing this shade, all the colour had gone from the middle and I was left looking like I ate spaghetti bolognaise for my breakfast, messily. It was most odd… it just gravitated outwards. So this one wasn’t for me.

Finally I was sent Confident Lipstick.

Lush Confident Lipstick

Lush Confident Lipstick

This one is horrific on me. On the plus side, it wears well, feels lovely, doesn’t gravitate to my lip line and is very comfortable. On the downside, on my lips it appears very blackened. I haven’t even taken a picture of this on me, I just had to take it off. This is so goth it’s not true, and I must say Confident is a good name for it, you’d have to be confident to wear it. So formula wise this was great which is the main thing.

The store manager today was telling me how all the products can be used anywhere and I was thinking how like the Chanel Rouge Noir mascara this is so I’ve bought home a couple of disposable mascara wands to try this out on my lashes! It could work!


Lush Emotional Brilliance

Gold and Orange face…. from that bizarre angle that makes my nose look massive… you’d miss them if I started taking photos from a normal perspective!

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Neither of the above have put me off, although I suspect they might have done if I’d not gone into the store and had a play and seen all the other shades first hand. I’m thinking I’d like at the very least Dynamic Eyeliner, Focus eyeshadow oh a whole host of them, some of the lip colours were incredible.

If you fancied a play with the colour wheel, you can do so on the Lush website. It’s really not the same as getting the experience in store, but equally, its nice to know you can bypass the whole colour wheel thing if you just want to go in and buy a chartreuse liquid liner! All of the Emotional Brilliance products are Β£14.50, not cheap, but not hideously priced either…

I must also give special mention to the supporting products, two of which were my favourites out of everything we were shown today. Firstly Feeling Younger, Β a lightly glowing base or highlighter. So soft, so subtle, so radiant. Use it under your eyes, on your brow bone, under your foundation, just a lovely product, and top that off with the amazing Emotional Brilliance a sheer ultra fine, light reflecting powder for all skin types, its just lovely.

All in all I’m won over, despite the colour fails above, just because the shades I received didn’t suit or work for me, doesn’t mean the others wouldn’t either, I was actually incredibly impressed and the colour wheel business, well even if its a lot of old nonsense (and I’m certainly not saying it is!) makes for a refreshing new experience which is a lot of fun. It’s great to be told you’re dynamic and they could see that the moment you walked in the store πŸ˜‰

Well done Lush for just bringing some amazing colour and a whole new concept to the beauty world. It’s a lot of fun. My biggest problem is I have a HUGE wishlist.

Oh and an extra special thanks to Lush Exeter for the best customer service like ever, (except maybe Waitrose cafe!).

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

5 responses to “Lush Emotional Brilliance Review”

  1. BeautyGeekUK says:

    I really like the orange on you although the fact that it moves around so quickly isn’t ideal. The colour suits you though xx

  2. nicoletta says:

    Ooooh ive been wondering about these too. A great idea and that gold liner is gorgeous. Think i need to take a trip to lush just to have a look x

  3. Get Gawjus! says:

    Love the gold liner! Brilliant concept πŸ™‚

  4. Bicky says:

    I like the orange on you just not how it spreads. Booo. πŸ™ Love the colour of the liner though. So need pretty much all of them though. πŸ˜›

  5. Replica says:

    It sounds like its a bit hit and miss for most people. I had a look instore and nothing really stood out for me, not to say I won’t go back at some point πŸ™‚ Thanks for the review x

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