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In true British style we all start to dress like there is a tropical heatwave the minute the sun makes an appearance.  We cast our winter-wear to the back of the wardrobe and have more skin on show.  In fact research from Boots UK shows that over half of women (53 per cent*) admit that once their winter tights and footwear are off, they stay off for the summer season – whatever the weather!

So whether rain, wind, sun or hail is around the corner, here is the Boots lowdown on how you can flash your summer-worthy skin with weather-proof confidence.

Summer Ready with Boots

Here are some tips from No7 Advisor Samantha Greaves:


  1. Brush off that winter skin….

41 per cent of women say that prepping their body by exfoliating, waxing and moisturising gives them the boost to take that leap into summer.  But don’t worry, getting your body ready for summer doesn’t mean hours of prep as simple tweaks will help you whizz through your routine and get even better results:

No7 Advisor Samantha Greaves explains:  “Contrary to what most people think, pores do not actually open and close – they do not have any muscles!  So to unclog them and get your skin beautifully buffed and glowing, ensure your skin is warm when you exfoliate (just after a bath or shower is perfect) as this helps to loosen up underlying dead skin and daily dirt.  It is also important to rinse your skin with the coldest water you can stand after you exfoliate to re-tighten the skin.”

Try rubbing Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Body Scrub, £4.99*, into any areas that are oilier such as your back to avoid congestions as these can lead to breakouts.  For spot prone skin try finding a shower gel that contains Glycolic acid and salicylic acid to help remove any dead skin cells and regulate sebum production.

Summer Ready with Boots (2)I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and its been really great, I’ve got a spotty area, and I won’t tell you where, and this has been working well to clear that up. I love the fresh clean smell. It’s worth mentioning that usually Tea Tree Oil and I don’t usually get on, but I’ve got on well with this, so go figure. Also my keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, is looking pretty good right now. A definite recommendation.


  1. Massage your way to a trim tum

“My top tip on firming up your tummy is rubbing a rich body butter into your skin for a few minutes every day in the run up to your holiday.  This helps to stimulate circulation and keeps your skin looking even and toned.”

Try Botanics Rehydrating Body Butter, £8.00*, this indulgently rich body butter melts into the skin to soften, smooth and provide a long-lasting moisture boost.  Including shea, cocoa butter and coconut oil it intensively hydrates and conditions for ultimate moisturisation.

Summer Ready with Boots Summer Ready with BootsOh my gosh, this is amazing! The smell is incredible and I think you can see in the photos that the texture is rich and moisturising. A really good one if your skin is in special need of moisture as this is so moisturising and not too greasy, it feels very high quality, a very luxe product at a great price.


  1. Get that summer glow….

“Having a bit of colour on your skin can really help you feel more confident when it comes to flashing your flesh” explains No7 Advisor Samantha Greaves. “Try applying a gradual tan which not only gives skin a youthful glow but can also help it to appear smoother on the surface.  For even more definition try brushing a layer of instant tan on to your inner thighs to create contour effect.  If you’re not a fan of fake tan then try an aftersun with tan maintainer like Boots Soltan Aftersun Lotion with Tan Prolonger, £4.00 – this helps to build a beautifully natural tan whilst hydrating your skin.”

No7 Naturally Sun Kissed Gradual Body Tan, £9.95, is perfect for a beautiful light tan.  This gradual  tan deeply smoothes and moisturises skin optimising its condition for exposure to the sun whilst its gentle self-tanning ingredients leave behind a hint of beautiful colour that builds day by day into a natural looking year round glow.  It moisturises for up to 12 hours and contains a unique antioxidant complex to prepare skin for exposure to the sun.

To keep your tan and stay safe in the sun, why not try Boots Soltan Protect & Tan Ultra-Light Texture Suncare Spray, £7.  An SPF30 formulation with an innovative ingredient that helps stimulate your body’s natural tanning production whilst protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.  This light-feeling spray disappears into your skin instantly leaving no sticky residue.  It provides continuous moisturisation for silky-soft skin, helping to prevent peeling.

*Products received Free of Charge for Review purposes.

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