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Batiste Go Wild Dry Shampoo

I’ve never understood people’s love of Batiste. I’ve always hated the smell of all the varieties I’ve tried (don’t even get me started on that tropical one), I don’t like the way it leaves my hair feeling and I’ve never really understood why people don’t just wash their hair… even when I had a new born  babyI still managed to find 5/10 minutes in my day to wash my hair…but I have to admit I’ve done a complete about turn with this new one, Go Wild. There are two reasons. The first being I LOVE the scent. I love it. Why? Because it reminds me of Angel, my all time favourite perfume. It’s a oriental fragrance with cocoa, vanilla, wood and musk and it smells delicious.

I still don’t find that it leaves my hair clean, it leaves it feeling a bit powdery and I don’t really like it BUT I’ve recently had my hair restyled and I’ve got lots of choppy layers in it and although I won’t use this on my clean hair I do find that on day two after washing it gives my roots and layers a really good boost of texture so whilst I don’t like how it feels in my hair I do like how it makes my style look. So yes, I’m converted! Certainly to this new version anyway, so long as no one makes me go near the Tropical or Blush varieties I think me and Batiste are starting a whole new relationship.

I’ve just been nosing at the Batiste website and am wondering if I might like the XXL Volume version too. I’ll have to give it whirl next!

£2.99 for 200ml, its really inexpensive and I’m sorry Batiste and Batiste users, I take it all back. I just had to find the right one for me and now I get it!

Available from www.boots.com.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Anibani says:

    omgggg, i love the packaging! 🙂
    i would love to try this thingy

  2. I’ve never been one for dry shampoo either, I used it once when I went to Leeds Festival in 2010. I do find I have days where I get up late and don’t have time to shower before I have to leave the house, so I might pick some of this up just to keep my hair from looking greasy on those days 🙂

    Frances x
    Twitter: Francesss__

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