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31. 08. 2012

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Gosh I’ve had these things for months now and haven’t blogged about them yet. Shocking!

Okay so I bought these Goody hair accessories when they was a Three-for-Two offer on at Boots I think, ages ago.

Goody Hair Accessories

Okay so starting with the Spin Pins. Now I have two cheap spin pins that I bought off Ebay. They were not great quality and wouldn’t hold my hair up too well but I’d heard such great things about spin pins that I felt sure the Goody ones were better. And indeed they were. They hold my hair up fairly well BUT, two are not enough for my hair. I have very fine hair but I have tonnes of the stuff, so I tend to need to use the two Goody ones and then add one of the cheapies I had previously bought just to add a bit more strength to my up do. It’s weird, I’ve never liked how ponytails or buns look on me, so this sort of messy up do is right up my street, it’s also quick and easy to do.  You literally twist your hair into a sort of bun and then skewer them with the pins, one in from each end. Because I have a lot of shorter layers in my hair I think it’s the reason the third pin holds more of my hair in place. It is definitely my opinion that it is worth paying for the Goody versions of these rather than the cheap versions I bought originally.

Then we’ve got the Goody Doublewear headbands and ponytail bands. The reason these are called Doublewear is that they are nice enough looking to be able to wear them around your wrists or neck as jewellery so they are on hand for those moments you just need to get your hair off your face.  The pony tail ones I’ve found excellent, they are stretchy enough, they don’t snap, they look decent around my wrist and they look stylish in my hair. A great product. The headbands were not a success at all for me though.  For a start I think they look naff around my neck. Like some kind of 80’s throwback but not in a good way but secondly and and more importantly whilst they hold my hair back just fine, they hurt, after about half an hour of wear my head starts to hurt and the pain gets worse until I just remove the damn things. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s partly the thin metal digging into my scalp and partly because the band is just too tight and I have quite a normal sized head (I do!!).

Soooo it’s a yes from me to the screws but you might need more than one pack if you have a lot of hair or a lot of layers, and its a yes to the wrist/ponytail bands. It’s an absolute no no to the headbands!

If however you fancy trying them out I got mine from Boots, although it seems they only have the Spin Pins online at the moment, I got mine in store so you may have more luck there.

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  1. m4dswine says:

    I can only use hairbands from H&M – no others are stretchy enough, and I get the same head pain!!

  2. Em. says:

    nice, I really want to try those ‘spin pins’! 🙂

  3. Jude says:

    I have the spin things, I can’t get them to work for me at all, not sure if it’s me or my hair, any chance of a tutorial? Jude x @jadlgw

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