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Lush Twilight Shower GelAh… I said it very recently and I’m saying it again… I’m falling back in love again with Lush. I’m loving a variety of things at the moment but the Halloween Shower Gel, Twilight is a beaut!

An iridescent darkest purple gel, aptly named, as this is the shower gel you want to use before you hit the hay.

This is s strange combination of lavender and malt. It doesn’t sound like something that should ever work, but it really does.

I have no idea what those malt notes are, but there’s a whole host of lavender which I adore, then tonka for a vanillary hit and a bit of balsamic there too.

The weird thing about his is how the scents “perform” for me. When I pour out the gel, into my hand or onto my sponge, I am hit with a sort of cinder toffee scent, lush and edible, but as soon as the gel hits water/my body, its the lavender and then the lavender is pretty much all I get. Its unusual but beautiful. But I’m a massive lavender fan. The lavender is tempered by the other ingredients for sure but there’s no denying that the main scent is lavender. Beautiful. The small bottle is 100g and £4.25, the other bottles are £8.50 (250ml) and £14.95 for 500ml.

The other halloween offerings this year are Calacas Shower Jelly £2.35

A bright green sugar skull jelly for washing your bits with  and scented with lime and jelly bean (yes please!).

And finally The Enchanter Ballistic £3.20

A bright orange ballistic scented with lime and neroli.

I’m keen to pick up a Calacas before they disappear!

If any of these take your fancy, grab them fast!!

Available from Lush of course!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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