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Her Haircare Rituals

I don’t like volume on the top of my head. My hair just looks weird when it’s high. I do however like my hair to look voluminous everywhere else where possible and thanks to HER Haircare Rituals products I’m seeing some fantastic volume in my hair, as seen above!

Firstly I love the packaging of the products, the simple black and white and the stylish logo.

Her Haircare Rituals

I’ve been using the Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner regularly since I received them and can give them a massive thumbs up despite a shaky start!

A little bit of info about the brand. The brand was co-created and is co-owned by John Barrowman. Seems a bit random, but who cares, it’s a great brand. HER is based in Italy’s Veneto region and the surrounding areas have inspired the bottles and scents of the products.

The Volumising Shampoo is enhanced with sweet almond protein to strengthen and fortify the hair which in turn gives more volume and more softness. The Volumising Conditioner feels like rubbing a face cream into your hair, it’s a strange sensation for someone so used to the slip of silicones! The reason it feels that is that it’s made with shea butter, then there are passion flower and acai oils along with rice bran an wheat germ oils and a dose of ginseng.

So about that shaky start I mentioned. Me and my hair love silicone and most forays into silicone free shampoos and conditioners and the Her shampoo and conditioner are both Silicone free to say my hair objected is to put it mildly. My hair reacted by turning itself into a massive clump of tangled hair as I shampooed. It was painful to try and get the conditioner through it with a wide tooth comb. However, once I was out of the shower my hair was soft and clean feeling and definitely volumised. So I persevered. Next wash I used the same, wide tooth comb at the ready, teeth gritted. Nothing. The shampoo lathered with no tangling, the conditioner slid through my tangle free hair with ease. And that’s how it’s been every wash since. I’m sold. I can only assume that I had some build up of something that the HER products removed but that there was some kind of initial clash of products or something. Who cares anyway, now it’s lovely. It smells gorgeous, fresh and clean and it leaves my hair soft and volumised.

And then there’s the Volumising Powder. The pot feels as though it has nothing it it, and to be honest I’m not sure how much is in there but you need very little so we’ll just have to see how long it lasts, but this powder is more than your average backcomb dust (which I usually avoid since I don’t like height on my crown). The powder adds body and texture but it does more. It gives the volume of a mousse, has the texture of a clay without being at all heavy, it controls like a hair spray and and can be reactivated, meaning you can just restyle without having to redo from scratch. It also cleans and refreshes. So versatile. I apply this to the roots of my hair, around the top, but avoiding the very crown of my head so that the volume is at the sides. Works like a charm.

Her Haircare Rituals

Volumising Shampoo £15

Volumising Conditioner £17

Volumising Powder £14

All available from thisisher.co.uk
*Products were all sent for review purposes and thank goodness for that, they are amazing!*

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