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If you’ve been a reader for a little while, you’ll be aware that my hair underwent something of a transformation in January. I went from incredibly dark brown hair to a lighter shade (you can read my post here). Since then, I’ve actually gone a little more blonde, and while we’ve sensibly been doing it gradually, bleach inevitably has an effect on your hair’s condition and for me its incredibly dry. It’s not, thankfully, terribly split, but I needed to take action to restore some moisture before it all started to break off.  As it was, when I washed it it was just turning into a huge tangle which was incredibly hard to brush out after washing, and once dry, there was no escaping the frizz, my hair could only be described as looking fluffy. And not in a cute way.

I’m a long term user of Aveda Shampure products but with my hair in this condition, my usual products were just not doing me any favours at all so I decided to try something new.  It wasn’t hard to work out what to try because when my I leave the hairdresser, my hair is soft, smooth and frizz free, so I opted to try out the brand my salon uses. Tigi.

I’ve actually used lots of Tigi products over the years, and liked them, but none have been as effective as my current selection of products, so I thought I’d share with you.



The Tigi Urban Anti-dotes range comes in three “strengths”. 1 – Re-energise is for tired, weak, blah hair, 2 – Recovery is for dull moisture deprived hair, and 3- Resurrection is for hair in need of serious intervention.  I opted for the Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Treatment Mask. I bought the HUGE shampoo and conditioner bottles in my local B&M for £9.99 while the Treatment Mask came from Fragrance Direct and cost me £8.99 I think. From the first use of these I could feel a huge difference in my hair, mainly because as I was washing my hair wasn’t knotting up. My hair felt clean and soft and tangle free. The treatment mask is to be used once a week and I don’t honestly notice any great difference after using it but I’ll keep going with it because the improvement in my hair overall is fantastic. The products are very highly scented though so that’s something to be aware of if you prefer your products to not smell strongly.

I nearly always let my hair dry naturally, blow drying once a week, sometimes less often, but even with this fab products I was noticing that although my hair felt considerably less dry, and not at all tangly, I was definitely a bit more fluffy than I like, (although much less fluffy than before I got these products), so I opted to add a couple more products to my routine to style and finish.



I bought the Ego Boost and Headrush products from Fragrance Direct as before. Ego Boost (£9.99) is a Split End Mender and Leave In Conditioner which I use in two ways, the first is to use a pump or two to cover all of my hair while it’s damp and comb through, the other is once my hair is dry to use a tiny amount to smooth over any split ends or remaining fluff. It works like a charm to get frizz free hair. Finally Headrush (£8.99) is shine in a bottle, and I just spritz it all over for shine and sleekness.

The end result is smooth, moisturised, frizz free hair, I couldn’t be happier. So if your hair is suffering from over processing, I’d recommend all of the above which I bought with my own money.

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