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I just wanted to share with you some images and information for the newest Illamasqua collection, Naked Strangers.

This is so stunning.

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Launch

Stunning image. Aside from the glitter and gold leaf that is what I wish my make up looked like every single day.

And check out these nails… to die for…

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Launch

Took me a few looks before I realised both hands were different!

So the collection is a gorgeous combination of golds and nudes. In Alex Box’s own words

Naked Strangers
captures inner glows and depths. The deeply and darkly alluring exists
alongside ethereal shimmering brilliance. We are complex and multifaceted
whilst also being naked to the world.”

It’s a nice small collection.

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Launch

Naked Rose Powder Blusher and cream blusher in Zygomatic (£16.50). Intense Lipgloss in Stranger (platinum gold) and Sheer Lipgloss in Intimacy (£13) and three Nail Varnish in Monogamous (creamy flesh pink, matte), Faithful (coppered metal) or Swinger (platinum gold) (all £13.50).

I like the look of everything but am particularly drawn to the polishes, Sheer lipgloss and both the blushers…. what about you?

The collection launches on 31st May.

0 responses to “Illamasqua Naked Strangers Launch”

  1. Ladymoonlight says:

    Not my favourite colours but the images are stunning. Illamasqua outdid themselves this time!

  2. jaljen says:

    I really hate the browless look. I rocked it in the early 70s and it actually looks awful on everyone so the publicity material for this collection has completely put me off. Can’t tell you how much that picture repels me.

  3. Eve Ashby says:

    Wow love this look – the eyeshadow looks air-brushed on.

  4. Karleigh says:

    LOVE the look of both blushers and the pinky/brown lipgloss. Not too keen on the polishes, never been a fan of ‘mannequin hands’.

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