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If you’re a lover of Illamasqua then you can’t fail to have heard about the amazing Human Fundamentalism collection (out now). The ethos behind the collection is becoming who you are and not what society tells you to be. The fundamental human desire to express your inner beauty on the outside. Sounds to me like the ethos of Illamasqua in general! More specifically the collection is a celebration of humanity’s connection with colour both warm and bright, and contrasting finishes. The images that accompany the collection are striking, as can be seen above and below.

I received a couple of the Powder Eye Shadows (£15) from the collection, namely Pivot (yellow Green) and Sex (pure white). In addition I received the sealing Gel (£10.50), which I already own and have reviewed here (I love it).

Illamasqua Pivot Sex

I have to admit, when I got these shades I didn’t have a clue what to do with them. The green in particular.

Illamasqua Pivot Sex

Turns out though, I’ve made good use of both of them! The white I use daily under my brows. Whilst if built up it can be a stark white, when thoroughly blended it’s nice and subtle, and just adds a touch of shape where needed.

Mix them with the sealing gel and this is what you get….

Illamasqua Pivot Sex

So one of the items I most wanted from the collection was the Scribe Precision Ink. A pure white liquid liner…turns out if you have sealing gel or water, and the pure white Sex Powder Eye shadow, you don’t need Scribe. As for that green…here’s how I’ve been wearing it…

Illamasqua Pivot

Whilst somewhat subtler than bright green eye shadow, trust me, you don’t have to have your eyes closed to be noticed in this as a liner. It’s fantastic. It’s a statement for the faint hearted! That’ll be me then! Perfect with a peachy cheek and a coral lip.

The rest of the collection is extensive. There are four more shades of Powder Eye shadow, two Nail Varnish,  two lipsticks and two eye shadow palettes. I’ve surprised myself by finding I have a particular longing for the neutral version.

This is a truly stunning collection with something for everyone, even the neutral lovers. Bravo Illamasqua!

The collection is available from www.illamasqua.com.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

0 responses to “Illamasqua Pivot and Sex Eyeshadows”

  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    oh I love Pivot, love it. Would be utterly beautiful if you applied a blue matte shadow all over your mobile lid, with a good dark matte navy in the crease and then a dash of pivot on the outside edge of your mobile lid, just inside the “c” of the crease shadow, so its only visible when you blink.

  2. Jan says:

    Until I saw what you had done with “pivot” I would have had not a clue. I think that it definately has an edge to it, but if I wore it I would be sure to attract comments along the lines of “have you got some sort of infection dear” probably from my mum! But you wear it well.

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