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07. 07. 2015

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Absolutely loving the concept of Bagsy, small but perfectly formed handbag sized beauty products. I don’t know what it is about the concept but something just feels fresh and appealing about the range. It is in part thanks to the packaging which I love. The exterior packaging is gorgeous, featuring whimsical patterns and gorgeous shades, while the interior packaging is is clean, simple and appealing.

BagsyBagsyWhile the range is really appealing the products I received are a bit of a mixed bag(sy). (Sorry).

Lets start off with the Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark £12.00*

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Seriously, how gorgeous is this product? This shimmer free bronzer comes in a mirrored compact with a little pouch to keep it safe in your handbag. The shade, Medium/Dark is a little too dark for me, but I do love a matte bronzer, I’m not really sure shimmery bronzers are much use except for maybe nights out and this has a gorgeous soft blendable texture, it’s also available in Light/Medium. I would recommend this, even though the shade wasn’t quite right for me. See swatch at the end of the post.

Next up, the Bagsy Wonder Wand, Concealing & Illuminating Duo £18*

Bagsy Wonder Wand Bagsy Wonder WandI love this product in principle, its a great item for your handbag, offering a concealer and a highlighter in one. Unfortunately, the execution of this one isn’t great. The highlighter is fabulous, its blends beautifully to offer a gorgeous glowy highlight, but the concealer lets it down. The Wonder Wand is only available in the colour way shown, and the concealer is dark, you’ll see from the swatches at the end that actually the concealer is darker than the bronzer, which considering the bronzer I have is medium/dark is especially surprising. It’s not like you can even just use the highlighter, and nor should you at £18, the product just wouldn’t work if you only used one half of it. It’s so dark  I don’t even have any friends or family I can pass this over too. Shame really, they need to either make this product lighter, or add different colour ways. See swatches at the end of the post.

Finally,  Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, £12*bagsy Wow Lipsbagsy Wow LipsHands down my favourite product. Available in four shades these are gorgeous. Creamy, opaque, easy to apply and best of all this shade, Killer Heels is glorious.

Swatches Left to Right, Wow Lips Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, Ray of Sunshine Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark, Wonder Wand Highlighter and Concealer.
Bagsy SwatchesSee what I mean about that Concealer? Its so so dark. But that highlighter is beautiful!

Other products in the range include Matte Lip Colours (yes please!), Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blush (oh yes please!) as well as hand creams, make up bags and more. Honestly its a great range, very appealing, well to me at least.

Exclusively available at Feel Unique, you can find the whole range here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

4 responses to “Introducing Bagsy!”

  1. Kelsey says:

    This is definitely an interesting idea but I find most cosmetics are pretty handbag friendly size anyway, especially things like lipsticks!

    Saying that, the highlighter does look lovely!

    • justcharlieg says:

      Yes I agree, I suppose its the novelty and clever to tap into the idea, I like the idea of having special bits just for my bag… but thats the true mark of an obsessive isn’t it! It’s new, I want it lol!

      The highlighter is a beauty, its a real shame its attached to a concealer many shades too dark as I’d wear it regularly I think, it blends out to a lovely glow.

  2. Melissa says:

    Ooh I’ve not heard of this brand before! I love the concept too. The bronzer looks very cute with the writing in it.

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