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So here’s something a little bit different! How about a range  based on the methods Ancient Egyptians used to create eye products? The Eye of Horus is of course the Egyptian Symbol representing healing, wisdom and prosperity to it’s bearer. The Eye of Horus products are naturally formulated, as I mentioned, based on the methods used by Ancient Egyptians. What this means are that they are made with plant based ingredients and waxes, such as Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax and Candelilla Wax.

The range is the star product, a mascara, and a variety of eye liners and accessories. The idea is that the range is affordable, non irritating and effective and especially suitable for sensitive eyes.

I was sent the Mascara, Teal Goddess Pencil and Sharpener.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Absolutely love the packaging which is very in-keeping with the theme.

So starting with the Teal Goddess Pencil. £13

Eye of Horus Teal Goddess Pencil

This pencil is formulated with Jojoba Wax and Mango Oil and is completely waterproof. Brilliantly, it comes with a smudger on the other end so you can blend it out. I can testify that this doesn’t budge all day on my upper lid (although didn’t last quite all day on my waterline), yet it did wash off easily and most importantly I didn’t get any of that annoying transfer onto my upper lid after a full days wear. This is really lovely and comes in a few different shades.

Then onto the mascara. £13

Eye of Horus mascara

This has one of those brushes I don’t get on too well with , it’s by no means massive but I still manage to blob it all over my eyelid on application… that’s just me being inept thought, for me personally the smaller the better. This mascara doesn’t promise volume or length or curl. This simply promises to enhance your natural lashes and it really is remarkable. Zero clumping. Zero flaking. Absolutely no smudging over the course of the day. Washes off easily and best of all promises to condition and strengthen while you’re wearing it, and thus assist in lash growth. I find this does and amazing job of grabbing and separating each lash and evenly coating it with intense black colour.  Very nice indeed. And a perfect every day mascara because it flatters and emphasises without being dramatic.

The sharpener, well it’s a great sharpener and is a great price of £3.50. The pencils, because they are choc full of lovely oils and waxes really need a good quality sharpener and this does a great job.

So here are the two products in use.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus
You Can buy the Eye of Horus range from Cocktail Cosmetics who are absolutely brilliant and I was buying make up from them long before I was blogger. If you buy any Eye of Horus product full price you can get 50% off several of the liners AND get a free mirror, purse and sharpener! I don’t know how long this offer runs for so hop to it!

Eye of Horus products are all Cruelty Free.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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  1. Daniella says:

    I really like the look of this range, the packaging is beautiful and I love the name of the brand.

  2. Meeta says:

    I love the idea behind this brand and the name. I like the look of the mascara – it looks very black.

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