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I think one of my favourite things about blogging has been exposure to these small handmade brands that make spectacular products that smell divine.  Flour Mills Bath is my latest discovery and they don’t disappoint.

Firstly, when the brand sent me a little parcel of things to try they particularly mentioned that the parcel was being sent out exactly the same as a paying customer. I can see why they wanted to make special mention of this, because it really is rather lovely.
Flour Mills Bath

Flour Mills Bath

The products I received were nestled in a box full of pot pourri, gorgeously scented pot pourri I might add.

The products I received were the Lime and Lemongrass Body Scrub, the English Rose Body Oil, the Almond Milk Soap and the Nectarine and Honey Blossom Soap.

Starting with the soaps (£4 each), they are both beautiful feel soft and gentle and lather up very nicely. They leave your skin delicately scented and feel very treaty! There are lots of soaps to choose from and I rather fancy the sound of Chocolate Orange, Coconut & Apricot and Basil, Mint and Sage. Yum!

The English Rose Body Oil smells delicious. For your £10 you get plenty of product.  You simply spray onto your skin, massage in, and leave to soak in, if there’s any excess you can remove it. I haven’t bothered with the removing bit if I’m honest, I’ve been using it in the evening when I’ve been going to bed.
Flour Mills Bath

Finally the beautiful Lime and Lemon Grass Body Scrub (£15 for 330ml). The scrub comes in a lovely glass with a sort of cork sealed with wax as it’s lid. Now this had leaked a little in transit, soaking through to the cardboard box, but I’m willing to forgive it that for the beautiful scent and scrubbing abilities. Natural essential oils, grapeseed, apricot kernel and peach kernel oils blend together to make the most gorgeously zingy scent. After using you’re left with soft moisturised skin. It’s really lovely and I love the little bits of Lemon Grass actually in the scrub. It makes it feel very authentic!

All in all, these products were an absolute delight and will make beautiful gifts for people (Mothers Day?). What I think sets this brand apart from similar brands is the wonderful and more unusual scents in the range. Along with popular staples such as Lavender and Rose, there are the more unusual such as those mentioned above, coconut and apricot, basil, mint and sage, nectarine and honey blossom and so on.

Well worth a look if you fancy treating yourself or someone close to you in the near future.

You can find the products at www.flourmillsbath.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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  1. Jo says:

    Gorgeous products. Think I’ll take a look at their Soaps

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