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JooMo Natural Face Wash
I was recently asked if I would write about and review JooMo and I have to admit to being hesitant, but then I spotted that the product claims to be the first 100% natural facewash which I though gave it an interesting slant for me to write about.

What I failed to notice was that this is a face wash exclusively for Young and Sensitive skins. I am of course not young. I have however recently learned that I am sensitive, actually very sensitive. Even so I left this on the shelf for a while wondering what I was going to do with it. The last time I tried to use skin care for young or spotty skin, it was far far to harsh for me and I’m still suffering the consequences of that now.

Before I tell you about how I came to eventually use this and what I think of it, let me tell you a bit about it.

The 100% truly natural face wash is apparently something of a “Holy Grail” in cosmetic formulation, with many products that claim to be so, actually far from it. JooMo contains the skin care product SaponinJ which is a skin repair system that consists of  Saponins, Essential Oils, Sea Salt, Natural Sugars, Natural PH Modifiers, Emollients and other things with the aim of repairing damage caused by synthetic products, rebuilding defenses to protect against allergies, infection and inflammation, making it the ideal product for youngsters who suffer from sensitive skin, prone to acne and blackheads.

So back to the product and me. I recently underwent an intensive facial treatment which involved some deep pore cleansing (trust me, the poor practitioner has only just started as that wasn’t the real reason I was even there). As a result of the prodding and poking, my skin is much much smoother but my sensitive skin didn’t take too kindly to the trauma and I’m suffering a massive break out.

While I was having this treatment, the lovely girl who was looking after me told me the best thing I could do was strip everything back to absolute basics. Basic cleanse, basic tone, basic moisturise, gentle exfoliation three times a week and a nourishing mask a couple of times a week. Get rid of all my fancy heavy creams and potions, and start from scratch. So I know which brand I’ll be going for when I do, more on that in another post, but for now, I was wondering what best to wash my face with and this looked like a good option.

It certainly is a good option, my skin LOVES it. It’s a strongly scented face wash that doesn’t foam much if at all, and its scented with honey, orange and copious amounts of cinnamon. It’s very Christmassy actually. But my skin feels just lovely, my spots are calmer, the rest of my skin is soft and happy, dry patches are disappearing and all in all, things are on the up.

So whilst JooMo is clearly targetted at young skins with very good reason, I would strongly recommend this if you have sensitive, reactive or spotty skin. It won’t strip away all the good oils, which I find is the problem with most spot treatments and ranges, it’s just not for my age group and it dries my skin out. This absolutely doesn’t. It’s lovely.

Get yours here for a bargainous £4.75 plus postage.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Triactol says:

    Great review!I’m absurdly drawn to the packaging actually, I think it’s a really funky design.

  2. Annabella Freeman says:

    I’m reviewing this too next week, my husband and I love it!

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