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Until the press release landed in my inbox, I’d never heard of the Italian brand, L’Erbolario. This plant-based brand has actually been around since 1978 and having a look at their website I can see the range is not only extensive, but highly covetable. There are facial skincare products as well as a great range of bath and body products in a variety of beautiful sounding scents.  Top of my list are the beautiful sounding Aromatic Toning Waters, all of the Chinchona range (red chinchona bark, rhubarb and black mulberry) as well as the beautiful sounding Meharee’s range, (date and myrrh).

New from the brand for Spring however is the Narciso Sublime range based of course on the flower we know as Narcissus.  The packaging is, both exterior and otherwise is beautiful. The scent is sublime, floral and green, but also exotic, it just smells… expensive.

P1160931 P1160934The range includes an Eau de Parfum,  a Bath Foam, a Body Cream, a Smoothing Body Oil a Cream Talc, Perfumed Soap and a Perfumed Candle.

I was lucky enough to receive the Smoothing Body Oil* and the Body Cream* to try out.

P1160937 The Smoothing Body Oil (£19) comes in a glass bottle with a spray making it a breeze to use. It’s not greasy at all and absorbs quickly into the skin keeping skin supple. It also offers toning benefits while nourishing. I can’t tell you how gorgeous to use this is, its just really lovely.

P1160939The Body Cream (£24.50) is again beautiful. The texture is one of the nicest I have ever tried, it feels rich, but its not greasy or heavy, but it seems to do the same amount of work and moisturising as much heavier body creams I’ve tried. The ingredients are beautiful, including sweet almond oil, olive oil, oat milk, honey extract and Vitamin E.

With both products, I found the scent lingered on my skin for hours after application which for me is a huge selling point, its so disappointing when you try products that smell beautiful but you can’t smell them for long.

With this combination my winter skin has been very quickly banished. The range is so beautiful it is my full intention to put a few more bits on my birthday wishlist to try out and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to try them, as I say, I’d never heard of L’Erbolario before, consider me converted! I would highly recommend, based on the extremely high quality of the products tried, they would make beautiful gifts.

Products are available from either theL’Erbolario store at 106A Upper Street, London, N1 or visit www.erbolario.co.uk

Edit: I forgot to mention, in each product you get samples to try of other products, which I think is a fantastic touch!


*Products received free of charge for review purposes

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