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New to the L’Occitane range this month is the Lavande De Haute-Provence range. A gorgeous range with Lavender Essential Oil from Haute-Provence.

I’ve been a huge fan of Lavender for years when I learned of it’s sleep inducing and headache curing qualities so I was especially pleased to hear about this range. Well known for it’s relaxing qualities the essential oil used in the range is Lavandula Anguifolia, also known as True Lavender or Fine Lavender.

There are some beautiful sounding products in the range including a Foaming Bath, Eau de Cologne (citrus, lavender and a woody musky base – sounds gorgeous!), a roll on oil for your pulse points, hand gel, hand cream, shower gel and body lotion and more.

I was sent a couple of items to try out. The 10ml bottle of essential oil (£12) and the  Body and Massage Gel 200ml (£20)

L'Occitane En Provence

Both items, to me, are wonderful. I’ve been using them daily. The essential oil is recommend that you either mix a couple of drops in a neutral bath oil and add to your bath, or add a few drops to an oil burner. I don’t like baths much and I dont’ have an oil burner so what I’ve been doing is adding a couple of drops to my pillow. Now you’re not suppose to get this on your skin so it’s worth noting that I don’t actually sleep on my pillow, I rest on it to read my book and then sleep face down flat on my bed, so there’s no risk of it coming into contact with my skin (although I must say I’m not sure I understand this advice as Lavender Oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used directly on the skin and is great for preventing scarring).  Anyway, once I’ve added my drops to my pillow I then grab a blob of the massage gel and rub it into my chest and upper arms. As far as massage goes, this manages to be both quickly absorbed, but not too quick for massage purposes… very nice and I’m in Lavender heaven! I find sleep comes pretty easily.

Obviously this isn’t a range for lavender haters, but for anyone who likes lavender it’s fabulous and well worth checking out!

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