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I’m really falling in love with some of the smaller lesser known brands out there at the moment and before Christmas I received a beautifully scented package from Savonnerie London.

All the products are handmade in the UK and are made with botanical extracts chosen for their benefits to your skin. All products are sulphate, paraben, artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, petrochemical free. Ingredients are all sustainably sources, produced and packaged. All products are vegetarian but a few items contain milk, beeswax or honey.

Anyway, onto the bits I’ve been trying out.

Savonnerie London

Firstly the Cedar Natural Soap £4.50. Actually this soap was popped in the package for my husband but it was too late, I’d claimed it for myself, the smell, the smell is to die for. Cedar essential oil, hint of cinnamon. This is such a beautiful soap, and very moisturising. Can’t recommend highly enough, especially the price which is fabulous. Next on my list is Honeycake Soap followed by Marmalade!

Then there’s the Nutritive Lip Balm £4.96. A beautiful lip balm, very moisturising, with Tamanou oil for healing and camellia and rosehip. This is as good as any lip balm I’ve tried and I was advised to use this before bed and put around the outside of my lips as well… I was wary of doing this as sometimes using products around my lips can give me awful spots on my lips but I tried it anyway and I’ve had no adverse effects at all. This is just very lovely.

Then I’ve been trying out the Daily Facial Cleanser. £13.95. For me this is a cleanser I either use in the morning or as my second evening cleanse (after an oil based cleanser). I massage onto my face and then wipe away with warm water and a flannel. This is so gentle. Contains Aloe, Chamomile and Camellia Seed Extracts and this removes any last traces of make up and is so gentle. My skin feels lovely and soft after use.

Finally, the most gorgeous Body Butter ever. The Rose and Shea Body Butter is £12.95 and my first thought was that it’s quite a small pot for the money, and considering the size of my body 😉 Actually though this is incredible. I can’t explain it but the tiniest bit goes such a long way, the texture is rich, but light. Like it’s been whipped into a thick mousse consistency but once it’s rubbed in it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin, it just absorbs nicely leaving you so soft and beautifully scented…oh the scent. You have to like rose obviously, but Rose Absolute is just to die for. This is sheer bliss. I’ve been using this regularly, and there’s still loads and loads left, but I’ve been using this particularly on the site of my scar from my recent operation. Beautiful stuff.

So there we have it, beautiful products, beautifully packaged. I have felt a real shift in my attitude towards products these days and would much rather buy my skincare and bath and body products from these lesser known, smaller brands. There are such gems tucked away! I heartily recommend Savonnerie and the beautiful products.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

4 responses to “Introducing Savonnerie London”

  1. Domniki Chatzaki says:

    These sound like really great products!! I love great smells in any form. I wish I could get them here in Greece!! Great blog by the way! xx Menia

  2. Jan says:

    I am constantly amazed by the range of really interesting smaller brands that are affordable – definitely one to try. Thanks Charlie.

  3. Carol Hallows says:

    I have used their Cedar soap for years, sadly I sent an email recently and it bounced back. do you have a contact for them?

    • justcharlieg says:

      I’m sorry to say it doesn’t look like they are doing business anymore, the website doesn’t exist and their facebook page hasn’t been updated since early 2014 x

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