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I’ve acquired a few new Jo Malone London Colognes in recent months, all of which I adore, but I’m breaking them down into a few posts otherwise you’d be here all day reading!

You all probably know by now that perfume descriptions are not my strong point, but I’m more than capable of telling you if I like something or not so we’ll start with with Vanilla & Anise.

Jo Malone London Vanilla & Anise Cologne

Firstly, this scent doesn’t last too long on me which is such a shame as it’s really lovely. On me, this is heavy on the vanilla, but the anise is definitely there and elevates the vanilla to a whole new and unusual level. It’s hard to describe. This is not, to my mind, a foody scent, its more like a musky vanilla, but somewhere in there are florals and citrus which all add a little je ne sais quoi to the scent, separating this from other vanilla perfumes. I really like this and it makes a perfect every day scent for me, I just wish it had more staying power on my skin. That said, we all know how fragrances are different for different skins and having read around a bit I can find plenty of people who say this stays on their skin for hours and hours. So try it out, it’s very beautiful and warm. 30ml £38 and 100ml £76.

Now for Black Vetyver Cafe.

Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe

I’m just going to start by saying I don’t know what I was thinking by not including this in my top products of 2012 post. I adore this is has fast become my favourite scent. Bar none. Top notes are black roasted coffee and citruses, the heart notes are nutmeg, green pepper and coriander and the base is vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, incense, sequoia wood and lichen.  This is a unisex scent but I think possibly it’s more masculine than it is feminine. Not that I’m put off by the fact my Stepdad got this after he sniffed mine… oh no! It’s THAT amazing that I couldn’t care less if I smell like my Stepdad, in fact I think we both smell stunning! It smells like coffee, that’s the overriding scent and the first thing that hits you. But then there’s the incense which my nose can definitely pick out and then the masculine woody notes… strange thing about this one is that generally speaking reviewers seem to think this disappears quite quickly on the skin, but on me, I can smell this hours later. As before 30ml £38 and 100ml £76.

I must have odd skin!

Very happy with both of these scents, I received Pomegranate Noir for Christmas so I’ll be reviewing that one soon, along with the fabulous new Earl Grey and Cucumber scent which was a very pleasant surprise.

Next on my Jo Malone London wishlist though are Blue Agava & Cacao and Wild Fig & Cassis…. and the Cologne Intense, Rose Water & Vanilla which I dream of being like Turkish Delight.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

4 responses to “Jo Malone London Black Vetyver Cafe and Vanilla & Anise Colognes”

  1. Lipstick Sunshine says:

    Ohhh how I adore Jo Malone. The scents are just so unique and alluring. I only own Pomegranate Noir, but am definitely looking to try some more! Great post chica x

  2. memoiselle says:

    I am currently exploring more and more Jo Malone’s scents. My current favorite is Nectarine blossom and honey 🙂 It stays about 5-6 hours with me and I need to re-spray after that. The best thing about Jo Malone perfume is that you can mix and match the scents to create a new scent that suits me the best!

  3. I love Black Vetyver Cafe too & am drying to try the Earl Grey & Cucumber!

    Nic x

  4. Vetyver is my absolute favourite scent ingredient so I LOVE the sound of Black Vetyver Cafe. I might but it on my birthday list. xx

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