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I was recently sent a few products by KMS California to try out which was nice, it’s not a brand I’m at all familiar with. Alas, I was sent sample size styling products and these aren’t anything I ever use so I’m not a brilliant judge of hair styling products, except for heat protector sprays and serums and oils.

KMS California Hair Products

The first sample I tried out was the Hair Play styling wax. I have long hair which is layered so what I like to do is use it on the ends of my layers when my hair has been straightened. This smelled nice and did a great job of giving my layers a bit of definition on the ends without adding grease. Actually really like this product! A full size pot would cost £15.65.

And then the next thing is the Silk Sheen Styling Creme. I’m not going to mention the smell of each product, just take it from me they all smell nice. This you add to towel dried hair and go on to style, and this adds a little heat protection too. This isn’t the kind of product I use as I don’t tend to blow dry my hair too often and I don’t like to style it for day to day wear…but it’s nice and I notice a distinct lack of frizz when my hair dries… I don’t have a style so I can’t tell you if this has much hold! £14.95

Then there’s the Silk Sheen Polishing Serum £12.80 You don’t need telling how to use a serum, this does a great job of adding shine and taming the worst of the frizzies!

Next up the Free Shape Quick Blow Dry. Spritz it into your hair and reduce your drying time. When you have as much hair as I do this is a godsend. If I wash my hair at 6pm it will still be wet at the nape of my neck at 11pm if left to dry naturally! So this stuff does really work but it does make my hair feel not great. I don’t know if I’m using too much product or not but my hair needs washing the next day when I use this. For me this isn’t a problem as it’s so rare I blow dry my hair, usually only for a special occasion, I could cope with washing my hair the next day. So I have mixed feelings on this. It’s not bad though and it does make drastic difference to me when I do blow dry. £13.

Hot Flex Spray £15.95. This one isn’t for me really, its styling spray that’s heat activated and your style stays set until your next wash. This isn’t for me simply because as previously mentioned I don’t style my hair other than straighteners or blow drying…but with straighteners it does the job.

Finally the Volumising Spray, £14.30. A thickening spray gel that adds heat protection and volume. And it really does! Again, its not something I need, I have voluminous hair already, too voluminous, but it really works, again, my hair feels like it has a lot of product in it and I don’t like that feeling, which is why I don’t use products like this!

So all in all, while not all these products have been for me, they all seem to deliver on their promises and it really is nice to try a new range out, I’m going to have a little look at all their conditioners and shampoo’s in a minute as those are my hair passions!

All samples came from www.activebeauty.co.uk who I’ve blogged about before but stock some absolutely fantastic hair ranges (hello Shu Uemura!). Well worth a look. Oh and the prices… all discounted so head over and check them out!

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