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This post is long overdue. Very much so. A friend gave me these products a long long time ago and it’s taken me months to get this post done for reasons I’ll explain later in the post.


So what we’ve got here is the Living Colour Pigment in Tanzanite (£14.99) and the Lip Stain in Pop (£13.95) I’ve never tried Kryolan products before but am aware of the brand and pretty much all I know is that they are a Professional Cosmetics brand.

I’ve been trying to research where you can buy these products for this post but not been terribly lucky, I think the range must be quite hard to come by.  Lets start by looking at the Lip Stain in Pop.

This is beyond neon. My photograph does not do it any justice. I packs on the pigment and it doesn’t fade to a pale stain like most lipstains, this stays neon. It does show signs of wear, in that it can get a little uneven looking, but it’s easily topped up, but in terms of staying the colour you apply, it sure does perform.

Kryolan Lip Stain in Pop

Now it looks impressive here but actually in real life it’s even brighter, quite a lot more so and thats why this post has been so long in the making. I could not find a day to where I was prepared to have neon lips all day. I love a bit of colour on my lips, but this is amazing. If you are looking for a neon pink lip colour you need this in your life, for me personally though it’s way way way out of my comfort zone. I can’t see me getting much use out of this beauty, which is a shame I have to say because it is stunning but the day I wore it I felt so self conscious all day, I kept involuntarily covering my mouth with my hand when I was out and about.  Great product though. The only retailer I can find is Extreme Make Up, so if this takes your fancy head over there.

The Living Colour Pigment isn’t quite my shade either, I don’t generally go for purples, although I have to say this is a very nice purple. I used it just around my eyes as a liner, to stay within my comfort zone and I have to say I did like it. I didn’t love it colour wise but performance wise it was extremely good indeed. Looking as perfect when I removed it at the end of the day as it had when I applied it.

Living Colour Pigment in Tanzanite


Living Colour Pigment in Tanzanite

Excuse the big blob of purple mascara on that second picture. I shouldn’t really be allowed to play with make up. Especially mascara, I always end up stabbing myself with the wand!

Anyway, the Pigments seem to come in a lovely range of colours. I can find ten of them available on Love Makeup, at a bargain price of £8.99. Well worth a look if you want a long wearing colour.

14 responses to “Kryolan Pigment and Lip Stain”

  1. Tereza says:

    Oh my god! The lip stain looks amazing, such a full & smooth coverage! Defo need to have a closer look at kryolan makeup! xx

  2. Julie says:

    Wow – that’s bright!!
    Just for info – Charles Fox are the Kryolan distributors in the UK
    Hope that helps

    • Charlie says:

      I did find Charles Fox whilst searching for info, but the site was down for maintenance so I wasn’t able to link to it or see what they had on there, but will keep my eyes out and check back!

  3. Eve says:

    I want to try out the stains!

  4. Becca says:

    Wow that lip stain is so bright! I’ve never heard of the brand before but will keep an eye out 🙂

  5. lovethescents says:

    What a lip colour! Very en vogue right now and it looks wonderful on you

  6. The Driveller Kate says:

    Hi Charlie, I love Kryolan for brights and neons — they make Illamasqua makeup, actually.
    As Julie said, Charles Fox stock the brand (afaik the site’s been down for about a year — they are great on the phone however).

  7. Hey Lovely

    Thanks for writing these up!

    So glad you got to try them out eventually, even if it’s so you can consider other colours.

    They were given to me by Charles Fox who have had a maintenance page on their site for years, but they do have a .pdf catalogue and you can ring or email to order.

    Anyway I kept the lipstain in red and love it. And the pigments are far finer than others like mac etc.

    Proper pro grade!

    Sam x

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