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Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact

Well this is another Lancome thing of beauty, but before I talk about the product let me talk a bit about the inspiration of this product (and the others items in the collection, posts to follow). Lancome is supporting Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat Foundation and to mark the occasion they have created a limited edition collection with Kate herself.

The Golden Hat foundation was created by Kate Winslet. A book is in development and due out soon which brings together self portraits by celebrities all wearing Foundation’s Golden Hat. The non-profit foundation aims to better the lives of autistic children by removing or limiting the barriers they face, teaching them to communicate more clearly as well as offering education, job training and recreational activities. Today autism affects a staggering 67 million people worldwide and of all the serious developmental conditions, autism is the one seeing the most significant global growth.

So this is a mini collection consisting of the blush palette and a nail varnish and lipstick. The nail varnish and lipstick will be in a post coming soon. Lancome promises to donate at least 150,000 euros of its sales profits to the Golden Hat Foundation.

Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact

Ok, so serious bit over, the Blusher!  A gorgeous glossy palette with Kate Winslet’s signature and a picture of the hat.  The powder is a golden hat of course surrounded by a soft pink powder. There is a very glittery overlay. But its easily swept away (which is a good thing, it’s VERY sparkly), the gold hat is also overlaid with a shimmer, which is also easily removed.

Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact
Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact

In the following picture I’ve swiped the overlay off the band around the hate and the bottom half of the pink. It nearly killed me do it too, it’s so gorgeous you don’t want to spoil it, but to show you what you’re actually getting I had to do it.

Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact

And swatches.

Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact

I don’t know if you can even see that pale swatch on the right there? And therein lies the problem with this palette. It’s not a blush. It’s far far too pale (and I’m incredibly pale) to give me even a hint of colour on my cheeks BUT for me this is is an amazing all over face powder and I do mean amazing. It’s not sparkly but it adds a touch of glow and really gives me a glow rather than a shimmer. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

I was waiting to show you how this works on my face but I’m suffering with a seriously bad break out and I just can’t bear to put a full face picture up at the moment so it’ll have do without as I’ve waited long enough to try and get rid of the spots and I needed to share this.

It’s gorgeous, potentially a bit too pale and chalky on darker skins I’d image but on anyone pale this is beautiful, either as very subtle highlight or the most beautiful face powder ever!

£34 and available now.
*Disclosure – PR Sample*

0 responses to “Lancome Golden Hat Blush Compact Review”

  1. Jude says:

    Apart from the fact that it looks fabulous it’s nice to have a product that isn’t like a glitter bomb. I love shimmer but I’m far to old to carry off glitter, so it’s nice that once the glitter is removed it is a very wearable product, shame about the pigment though 🙂 Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. lovethescents says:

    This will be a miss for me, I’m afraid. I have fair-medium skin tone and as you noted, it’s barely visible. There are too many other gorgeous products out there to spend $ on, so $ saved. Thanks, Charlie!

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