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Well here comes another beautiful candy coloured Spring Collection, this time from Lancome. I have to admit that although these colours aren’t ideally suited to me I can’t help but be drawn to them. The mint greens and candy floss pinks were a colour of my bedroom when I was in my early teens and I chose them and I still love them now and so the Lancome Rosarie des Delices (Rose Garden of Delight) collection was always going to appeal to me. It taps right into that very girly side of me. I always lean towards the rockier side of make up and/or scarlet lips but inside there’s a girly girl screaming to get out!

The Lancome Roasarie collection is visually stunning and the products don’t disappoint either.

The star product of the collection is the La Roseraie Blush (£34).

Lancome La Roseraie Blush
Lancome La Roseraie Blush
Lancome La Roseraie Blush

There is a stunningly pretty overspray on this blush which is why it has an airbrushed look to it. Underneath the overspray is a beautiful pinky-coral blush and pale pinky cream mother of pearl shade which apparently has a hint of green that helps to correct redness, I will have to look at this again because I hadn’t noticed any green in it! Swatches of the two shades separately and blended:

Lancome La Roseraie Blush

This is truly beautiful and the sole reason I didn’t buy the Chanel blush this Spring, because I think this is just as pretty and the colours not that different.

And on my cheeks:

Lancome La Roseraie Blush
Lancome La Roseraie Blush

Next up is the La French Touch Lipstick in Cotton Candy (£23.50). There are three shades available, Cotton Candy, Rose Candy and Sweet Marmalade. The packaging of these is to die for, so so beautiful. A gorgeous candy striped metal case.

Lancome La French Touch Lipstick in Cotton Candy
La French Touch Lipstick in Cotton Candy

I can’t get over how matte the bullet looks but the lipstick is far from it! It also looks very coral in the above pictures, but it really isn’t as you’ll see below. Loving lightly glossy finish, but not sheer, and these feel very moisturising on. The only thing that I don’t find so fabulous is the wear time, it’s not my greatest concern though really when all the other points are so good. I’m more than happy to keep pulling this lipstick out of my purse 🙂 Oh and this really isn’t one for dry lips as you might notice in my pictures my lips are a little dry and it shows, on subsequent uses I’ve been sure to give my lips a gentle scrub and a touch of balm before use.


La French Touch Lipstick in Cotton Candy
La French Touch Lipstick in Cotton Candy

Next are the three Colour Fever Glosses in Green Petal, Rose Petal and Tangerine Petal (£18). I have Green Petal to show you.

Lancome Colour Fever Gloss Green Petal

Although perhaps a little scary in the tube, actually this is nearly completly clear with just the smallest sparse green sparkles in it. You have to look hard to see them on the lips/skin but they are there and they are super pretty. Trust me, you wouldn’t want loads of green sparkle in your gloss… well maybe you would if you’re more theatrical, but this definitely isn’t theatrical.  Looks closely!

Lancome Colour Fever Gloss Green Petal

And here it is over the Cotton Candy lipstick. If you enlarge you should be able to see the tiny little green sparkles.

Lancome Colour Fever Gloss Green Petal
  Super pretty, very similar to Mac’s Chillin’ which is why I blog sale’d that one recently as I love this just a wee bit more but can’t justify having both. I should also mention that these have a lavender scent, so if that’s not your thing then AVOID! I think I’m pretty much on record as being a lavender lover though so it suits me just fine. The other colours are really gorgeous too I must add. Especially Tangerine petal which I keep going and hanging my nose over in Debenhams.

The final item from this collection I have to show you is the Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette (£33). Bit of a mouthful. Available in two colour ways, pinks which is Rose Romance and greens, Vert Tendresse.

Lancome Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette
Lancome Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette

These swatch nicely, but it is worth noting that these shades are designed intentionally to be subtle and sheer, presumably for a subtle hint of Spring colour.

Lancome Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette

I love these shades, they look great on, really good for those who like to wear colour without being too daring. You’ll see what I mean when you look at them on my eyes. As always, I always go for a subtle look but it’s certainly possible to ramp up the depth of colour if that’s your preference.

Lancome Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette
Lancome Les Yeux Doux Ombre Absolue Eye Palette

The only thing I don’t really understand is that the images I saw from US blogs showed these palettes as having a fifth colour, a liner shade and its a shame the UK versions don’t have it.

 Image source: Temptalia

My full face for a bit of perspective.

Lancome Spring 2012 Rosarie des Delices
Lancome Spring 2012 Rosarie des Delices

All in all a truly gorgeous collection with something for most people, if pinks aren’t your thing, then there oranges and corals. So pretty. The blusher is my must-have item from this collection.

The only thing I’m a bit confused by is that I thought that there were two eyeliners available with this collection, from memory a frosted white shade and a shimmering pale green, I’d like both of them but I can’t find them online at all! I’m sure I saw them on the stand in Debenhams when I kept going into swatch the glosses, but I noticed when I was in there a couple of days ago the display had been taken down already. I guess I’ll go in and ask them if they have any! I was definitely going to buy the green one so I hope I can find one!

Oh and one last thing, you may have noticed thats not my hand the swatches are appearing on! I’m afraid Chloe is desperate to be involved if I do swatching before she goes to bed or when she’s not at school so I conceded this time and let her help me out. Thanks Chloe!

Lancome Spring 2012 Rosarie des Delices

*Disclosure – All items are PR Samples*

0 responses to “Lancome Spring 2012 Rosarie des Delices Collection”

  1. Modesty Brown says:

    I love your little helper! It all looks so pretty on you. I’m fearful of spring colours and don’t think I can pull them off.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m not sure I can pull them off either truth be told but I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame. The Dior collection I splurged on being a point in case :S

  2. Leticia says:

    GAH! That blush is gorgeous!

  3. Holly says:

    aww your little swatcher, so cute! Love this collection xxx

  4. Love the look of that lippie! Ooooh! Love your little helper! 🙂 xxx

  5. lovethescents says:

    I didn’t even give these a chance when I saw them in store but I am so impressed by what you’ve done with them. The eye palette REALLY suits you….in fact, this collection suits you. I’m not sure if I can get away with pink and green pastels with my blonde hair; I might look as though I’ve been attacked by the Easter Bunny. But I am happy to see that blusher. You raised my eyebrows when you compared it to the Chanel. I’ll def have to swatch it now.

    Many thanks!

    Oh, by the way, what would you say is the purpose of the tiny green glitter? I’m not sure I see a real difference between that gloss and a clear one. Thanks for your advice!

    • Charlie says:

      I definitely think if you had that Lancome blusher you wouldn’t need the Chanel one, except of course that the Chanel one is also stunning to look at! Interesting you think the colours suit me, as I’m not so sure, I do love them but I don’t think they are really suited to me, not that that will stop me!

      Re the glitter, there’s no purpose, really, it’s very very pretty in the tube and the sparkles are gorgeous, but you do have to look closely for them. It’s a frivolous but unnecessary thing I think!

  6. lovethescents says:

    Good, so $$ saved on the gloss then. I never got the Chanel but now it looks like I dont’ have to. $$ saved again.

    Yes, the eyeshadows are soft and lovely on you, and the lippie is so printempial. What’s not to love??

  7. mathewsonkt says:

    That all looks so pretty. I was determined not to buy too much this spring, but I have already got my eyes on far more than my bank would like. That blush is just gorgeous, and even though green eye shadow scares me a little, those colours are just so pretty I’d be very tempted to give it a go.

    I love the new Clarins collection too, that is just lovely. (again, too much temptation….!)


    • Charlie says:

      Oh the Clarins collection is to die for. I have done a post on that already but have another coming up soon, so gorgeous.

      As for this collection, the blusher is really beautiful and I highly recommend! 😀

  8. ihavemostlybeen says:

    Very pretty collection and totally not me! Not loving Spring pastels, I am certain that once you get past a certain age they look dire, I think that what that age is is down to personal preference but at 45 I am positive I am passed it! Chloe is a very impressive hand model!

  9. Very much liking the look of this blusher. And the lipstick… Oh Lancome why are you doing that to me when I am on a spending ban?

  10. Love that blush and the green eyeshadow is so pretty on you!
    Nic x

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