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Ah I’ve been so looking forward to showing you these little beauties!

The Lime Crime Veletines have been selling out over and over since they hit UK shores but things seemed to have calmed down a bit down and you can buy them more easily. But why would you want to? Well if you’re looking for Matte colour, that’s vibrant and fully opaque and wears for a long time on the lips, look no further.
Lime Crime Velvetines

Lime Crime Velvetines

Meet Suedeberry and Red Velvet.

Suedeberry is described as a warm light red and Red Velvet, which is, a rich red, like velvet of course!

Suedeberry on the left and Red Velvet on the right here.

Lime crime suedeberry red velvet velvetine

In terms of how these look it’s phenomenal. Truly impressive. Suedeberry is a true orange on me, rather than a light red, and red velvet is just gorgeous. Here’s how they look.


Lime crime Suedeberry velvetine

Lime crime Suedeberry velvetine

Lime crime Suedeberry velvetine
And Red Velvet.
Lime crime red velvet velvetine

Lime crime red velvet velvetine

Lime crime red velvet velvetine

LOVE! In terms of formula, because of their matte finish they can be a little drying (although actually I only found Suedeberry drying) but it’s easily remedied with a slick of lip balm about ten minutes before applying (I just apply lip balm before I do anything else and then crack on with my foundation and eyes etc).

In terms of wear, they are not transfer proof, they’ll come off on anything you touch with your lips but they were extremely well on me. I’ve heard one or two other people say they don’t wear too well but I really can’t find fault at all. They were exceptionally well and as they fade it gets a little bit patchy, nothing too troublesome though and I’m talking about over a period of hours.

These are £11.50 each and only come in the above two colours, but I know a hot pink one is imminent!

Available now from Cocktail Cosmetics!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

2 responses to “Lime Crime Velvetines Review”

  1. Great minds think alike! My post about Red Velvet went up today. Now I want Suedeberry as well, and I’ll be all over the hot pink one when it comes out.

    Your lips look amazing wearing these! x x

  2. Helen Gray says:

    I really want Red Velvet, it’s such the perfect shade of red x

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