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Me and Lip Smackers have a long history! Back in the 90’s there was a chain of stores called Bow Bangles here in the UK, it was bought in the mid nighties by Claires Accessories, and thats how it still is today.

When Bow Bangles arrive in Exeter it was a treasure trove the like of which we’d never seen before and my friends and I were particularly addicted to Lip Smacker lip balms. Prior to learning about Lip Smackers, your only flavoured lip balm options were Chapsticks and this was a whole new world of lip balm pleasure and quite possibly the reason I still have more lip balms than I really know what to do with these days!

These are the ones my friends and I were totally into.

Lip-SmackersAt some point in time I forgot all about them but over the last year, having daughters, they have crept back into my consciousness and in fact I bought some as stocking fillers this Christmas.

I was really pleased to be sent a Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Party Pack* to try out.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Party PackI’ve managed to try them all but theres been a bit of a battle with the Chloe and Lola over ownership. That’s the magic thing about Lip Smacker lip balms, they just appeal to all ages!

My absolute favourite is the Grape Fanta, with Cherry Coca-Cola coming second, but they are all lovely! Chloe likes the classic Coca-Cola flavour and Lola likes Pineapple Fanta. They don’t just taste and smell good, they are very moisturising and protective too.

I’m happy to see the Lip Smacker brand going strong, they will always have great appeal to all ages I think.

This Party Pack is £12 and available from Claires along with lots of other Lip Smackers…. I’ve got my eye on the Disney Frozen ones (Blueberry for Elsa and Coconut for Olaf) but again I think it’ll be a battle with Chloe and Lola!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

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