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I was recently sent a lovely candle to try out. It’s the very lovely Fig Tree Leaf candle from L’Occitane. With a 20 hour burn time and at £12.50 each it’s a lovely gift, either for yourself for Christmas or for a stocking filler for someone else. The winter candle selection includes the aforementioned Fig Tree Leaf, Candied Fruit, Winter Forest and Spicy Cinnamon.

Fig Tree Leaf smells beautiful, theres a big hit of coconut in there actually, along with a lovely sweet scent. Having said all that, it doesn’t seem to kick out a lot of scent whilst burning. I had it going for a couple of hours the other night and I couldn’t detect a huge amount of scent which was disappointing, not even when I left the room and came back in. I could smell it for sure but it wasn’t as powerful as I had hoped. I don’t mind really, candles are lovely to have anyway, especially when in such nice tins.

Speaking of L’Occitane, they have some nice gifts out for Christmas and in particular I’m particularly liking the look of the Shower Gel Quatro Collection from the Petit Provençal Gifts collection which includes Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, Peony Shower Gel, Fleur Cherie Bath & Shower Gel and Rose 4 Reins Shower Gel for £20 (all 75ml bottles).

Take a look at the Gifts section of the L’Occitane site for some great gift ideas.

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