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L'Occitane Magnolia & Mure Eau de Toilette

Recently L’Occitane introduced the new La Collection de Grasse, a fine fragrance collection uniting ingredients from far and wide, in some unexpected ways.

I was sent Magnolia & Mure to try out. Magnolia, now I know what that is, it hails from the Far East and it’s essential oils are used in this fragrance. Mure, well I had to do a bit of research to find out what that is, (there should be an accent over the u but I’ve never worked out how to do them!) but I believe it’s the french word for Blackberry. Which explains why it reminds me a little of Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay!

Whereas in Blackberry and Bay, the blackberry is very blackberry ish but there’s also the bay at work, this is also very much like Blackberry, but sweeter and instead of the bay scent, we have the magnolia.

It’s really really beautiful, it’s so light and fruity, but not in a sickly sweet way like strawberries, like the distinctive scent of blackberry which it turns out I absolutely love in a perfume. You all know by now I’m rubbish at reviewing perfumes, the only thing I can add to this review is that it’s not overpowering, the scent lasts for hours and hours but doesn’t smell strong and if you like fruity, and blackberry in particular, you will love this. The other scents in this collection are Jasmin & Bergamote, The Vert & Bigarade and Vanille & Narcisse (which I also really like the sound of) and all the scents are also available in bars of soap, shower gels and body milks.

Magnolia & Mure is really beautiful and well worth checking out next time you’re passing a store but if you fancy buying it yourself then you can purchase it from the L’occitane site where it retails at £49.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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