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Spring is here!!! Well, kind of. Spring is officially due later this month but it doesn’t much look that way right now does it!

If you fancy letting a bit of Spring into your dark winter days then look no further than the new L’Occitane Spring collection, Spring Cherry.

The range consists of a shower gel, Eau de Toilette, Moisturising Gel, Soap and Soft Hand Cream all in a delicious fruity/floral scent. Spring Cherry is the scent of cherry blossom just about to become cherries and it smells gorgeous.

It’s light, fruity and floral, but somewhere in the middle of both of those. To me it doesn’t fall into the fruit bracket, nor the floral bracket, but somewhere squarely in the middle. I get citrus fruits, a hint of berry and then the cherry blossom.

I’ve been using the Iridescent Shower Gel (£13 for 250ml).

L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel

You can’t see in this picture but there’s the softest iridescence throughout the bottle, this doesn’t translate to the skin as far as I can tell, but it’s a very pretty thing anyway!

L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel

Treat yourself to somethign from this range, it’s sunshine in a bottle and a lovely moisturising gel, with lots and lots of lather for very little product. Perfect.

You can find the entire range on the L’Occitane website now.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

One response to “L’Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel”

  1. Pavan Virk says:

    This looks good and like you said it does not look like the UK are going to have a spring so you might as well smell of it xxx


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