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I reviewed some Lord & Berry products quite some time ago and was impressed so I was delighted to receive a few more bits to play with. Unfortunately, one of them was a duplicate of the lovely Stardust Pure Pearl Loose Eyeshadow in Gold Black which I already reviewed in my previous post but I also received the Extra Care Lip Balm and Primer and the Silk Kajal Kohl pencil.

Lord & Berry Extra Care Lip Balm and Primer
 The balm is lovely and makes a wonderful base for the fab Vogue Matt Velvet Lipsticks which I adore! I don’t find it works terribly well under a more moisturising lipstick but I don’t like any balm under them, but alone or under a matte lipstick its lovely. It’s £9.50 and very nice. Mostly unscented and flavourless. Oh it also has SPF15 which I do like a lip product to have.
One thing I really like about the Lord & Berry range is the Black Wardrobe Collection. Since I’m a huge fan of black eyemake up it really appeals. I already tried one of the black liners, a smudgeproof one and the one I was sent this time is the Silk Kajal Kohl.
Lord & Berry silk kajal kohl
 As the name implies this is an eyeliner to replicate traditional Eastern Kohl. Draw along your waterline. It’s semi matte and smudgeable. For me, it can’t and won’t replace my beloved Guerlain powder kohl, but this is ideal for anyone who finds the idea of a loose powder and stylus applicator daunting. A pencil in undoubtedly easier to wield. It doesn’t quite have the staying power of the kohl, but on mornings where I have less time I’ll be grabbing this for a quick result. It’s very very black and very smooth. Heres a little swatch and a smudged swatch so you can see how soft it is.
Lord & Berry silk kajal kohl
Lord & Berry silk kajal kohl
I’m fairly sure all the eye pencils are £9.50 but I don’t have the information to hand to double check. I do know you can buy from ASOS or Beautyque.
I really like this brand and I’m very taken with the images on the home page of the official site I’ve been letting them scroll on repeat and wondering if I can recreate! Gorgeous.

4 responses to “Lord & Berry Items Reviewed”

  1. I’m a huge Lord & Berry fan, Love the products, just wish they were a bit more readily available. I like to see, test and touch my make up before buying it. x

  2. Miss A says:

    Haven’t tried any of the Lord & Berry products yet but they do seem great. And I agree with BigFashionista – I wish they were more readily available too.
    Am looking forward to trying out their eye pencils and lip glosses 😛


  3. beautydiarist says:

    Lord and Berry used to be a regular brand on QVC hang on a mo whilst I go to check…yep they always strike me as being of excellent quality, especially the eye and lip pencils. Thanks for this, the pencil looks super soft. Jan x

  4. I keep seeing this brand pop up everywhere, most intrigued, great reviews! as always xxxx

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