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I was just sitting here the other day minding my own business when these lipsticks popped through my letterbox. Now, I wasn’t expecting them, I hadn’t asked for them, they were a total surprise. I haven’t fully formed my views on L’Oreal but thanks to THIS post over at London Beauty Review I am a little clearer on their current position on animal testing.

I took the decision that I would review these products.

So here we go. There are four lipsticks in this new range. Sparkling Rose, Freshly Rose, Bright Cocoa and Beamy Plum. I was sent Freshly Rose and Sparkling Rose to try.

Each lipstick has a kind of serum in the centre to hydrate, and help the aging process by plumping. Sounds good. Here are swatches of them both:

That’s Sparkling Rose followed by Freshly Rose. If you look closely, you can see a slight stripe through the middle which is the serum part.

They are both beautiful colours and here they are on my lips, Freshly Rose followed by Sparkling Rose:

They really are a lovely formula, super moisturising. Stayed put while I was drinking my coffee and eating my muffin too. Here’s my face of the day featuring Freshly Rose.

These retail at £8.49 each and I must say they do feel rather high end. These are really nice and if you haven’t boycotted L’Oreal, then I do really recommend them.

6 responses to “L’Oreal Color Riche Boosting Serum Nude Collection Lipsticks”

  1. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger says:

    Ooh, these look lovely!


  2. lipstickmama says:

    I like the sparkling rose in particular, but they both look good on your lips. I am never a huge fan of what I would term high street lipsticks, simply because the stands always look a bit grubby, I am such a Mrs Mop! Thanks for this, maybe I should take a closer look. Jan x

  3. liloo says:

    these look sooooooooo precious.
    why do i need to boycott l’oreal?
    cos i am worth it lol? xx

  4. Get Gawjus! says:

    wow these look yum!

  5. ~Lisa says:

    Freshly Rose looks gorgeous!

  6. ModestyBrown says:

    I really like how these look on your lips. I admit I tend to avoid L’Oreal, I have a couple of things but on the whole it’s a brand I tend not to bother with. These do look interesting. xx

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