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L'Oreal's Ever Riche Oil Precieux

I’m a huge huge fan of hair oils and am never without one on the go. I use them literally every single time I wash my hair and occasionally in between washes depending on my hair and the actual product itself.

My natural hair is very fine, but there is a huge amount of it and it’s wavy. This means that without product or styling my hair is like a big fluffy cloud. That said, I don’t like to style my hair at all.  I’m not very good at it and with such fine hair I don’t think heat styling is especially good for it either so I do prefer to just let my hair dry naturally, only styling with heat on special occasions.

So without heat styling, I need something to manage the frizz and fluff, and that’s why I won’t be without a hair oil. So long as I’m careful with the amount I use I don’t get the sense of product in my hair which is what I dislike about hair sprays, gels and mousses. Oils are just perfect for me.

This new one from L’Oreal unexpectedly turned up in my post I was delighted to give it a go. Oil Precieux takes the form of a oil mist which is nice. It’s a very fine mist which makes it incredibly easy to use without accidentally going over board. Most oils I use come in a pump which means you manually have to distribute this over your hair and you can get too much in one spot if you’re not careful. With this, you can spritz all over your hair once and then just add more where necessary.

In can be used on either wet or dry hair to condition, or to add a silky shiny finish and once it’s in your hair you just cant feel it at all. It’s lovely. It also has a gorgeous oriental scent, which makes it really pleasant to use.

This has shot to my first place hair oil simply because of the spray. When I use a pump bottle I end up with oil all over my hands because the pump dispenses too much product and then looking around wildly for a towel to wipe my hands on. All of that is not a problem with this mist.

It’s probably not the only oil mist on the market, I don’t know, but I’ve not tried another, but that combined with the gorgeous smell and the fact that the oil makes my hair frizz free and silky soft makes this a winner.

Oil Precieux has an RRP of £11.99 but I’ve just found it on Feel Unique for £7.99

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  1. OPI Addict says:

    This looks great! love that it’s a spray 🙂


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