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So amongst my Twitter friends, this collection and Mac in general seem to generally be out of favour. Undaunted though, I acquired a large part of the collection. I’m really quite thrilled!

Mac In The Groove Haul
Mac In The Groove Haul

So what did I get?

Petticoat MSF
Stereorose MSF
Chillin’ Cremesheen
Right Image Cremesheen
I Like It Like That Lipstick
Jazzed Lipstick
Hang Loose Mineralize Blush
Happy Together Mineralize Blush
Fresh & Easy Mineralize Shadows
Soften The Mood Mineralize Shadows
Style Influencer Mineralize Shadows.

What really appealed to me about the shadows was the colour combinations. I love them and I’d never have thought of them on my own, I’m just not creative like that, Soften The Mood (the pink, blue and frosty plum) is especially beautiful. I also think the shadows are good value for money.

I also wanted to talk about the MSF’s. I already have By Candlelight and it’s beautiful and I wanted to get Stereorose, and that is really stunning but for me, the absolute stand out is Petticoat, I expected to like it but I had no idea it would be SO beautiful.

I’ve not done swatches because there are already so many around, but I am happy to if anyone wants any, and of course I’ll be doing some FotD’s with them. Just let me know if you want swatches.

0 responses to “Love it or hate it, Mac In The Groove Haul”

  1. Ms. Wedgie says:

    Oh you did do well there didn’t you. I think you’ve picked all my favourite products! 🙂

    I was very indecisive and ended up getting ‘Band of Roses’ so I’d love to see what ‘Hang Loose’ looks like. I’m quite tempted to get that as well but wasn’t sure how the lilac would turn out. Would love to see how Chillin looks as well!

    Fab haul!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Great haul, you got some lovely items 🙂 I have Petticoat from the collection it came out originally and it’s so lovely. I personally passed on the eyeshadows because I could dupe them with shadows I already own but these mineralize shadows have such a superior quality compared with previous releases.

    Kelly x

  3. Charlie says:

    I wanted Band of Roses, but just couldn’t choose between it and Hang Loose… still not sure I made the right choice!

    I will do some swatches later and put them up soon x

  4. Charlie says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Well thats the thing, apart from the brown and beige in Soften the Mood, I don’t think I have any of those colours at all! x

  5. The Beauty Bite says:

    Hang Loose is awesome – you made the right choice!


  6. Ms. Wedgie says:

    I was the same between Band of Roses and Hang loose as well , except I went the other way! Also not sure if I went for the right one as BoR is a lot more in your face that what I normally wear. Went a bit OTT with it on Saturday and ended up looking like Aunt Sally! lol

  7. jennie says:

    Wow! It all looks so pretty xo

  8. Laura - Emerald Green 88 says:

    Fab haul! I didn’t get much, wish I’d got an e/s trio, maybe if it ends up in the CCO!

  9. Lollipop says:

    Ooh I’d love to see a FOTD with Happy Together blush! I really, really love this collection but only got Petticoat and Stereo Rose from it. Still waiting on delivery 🙁

  10. Charlie says:

    Oh Lollipop, hope yours turns up soon. Will do a FotD soon!

    Laura – hope they do end up in a CCO for you x

    Jennie – thank you – I love it!

  11. Lillian Funny Face says:

    WOW! Now that is some haul! 😀

  12. Agnes says:

    I’m really interested in the lipsticks and shadows, they look so pretty!

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