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When I got these two sets of decals through the post at first I didn’t really think they were my cup of tea and I wasn’t at all sure what to do with them but in the end I ended up loving both sets so I thought I’d share with you today. Nail Decals are a really cheap way to get effective nail art, and there a loads of designs available from Sparkly Nails, all of which are a bargainous £1.55 for a sheet.
Sparkly Nails Water Decals

The first set I tried were the Purple Posey ones. At first glance these aren’t my cup of tea at all, so I was trying to think of a way to funk them up a bit when I decided that Estee Lauder’s Dilettante would be a perfect base for them rather than the predictable french manicure or pale pink and I have to say I loved them!

Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Love it!

The second set I got had me even more flummoxed. Delicate Twirls in gold. Well the obvious choice for them is over black but I didn’t fancy that. Then I thought I might try orange. But that wasn’t really appealing to me either when I suddenly decided I wanted no colour at all underneath.

Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Actually this was my favourite, it was so effective and simple, sadly the photoraphs do the manicure no justice whatsoever so you’ll have to take my word for it, but I had lots of compliments.
Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Simple and effective.

The decals are really easy to use, cut out a design, peel off shiny protective sheet, dunk in water for a few seconds, slide off backing paper and onto nail and then top coat! Love it. Highly recommend both the product and the supplier, Sparkly Nails is a fab shop for all things nail art!


*Disclosure – items received for review purposes*

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