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22. 10. 2012

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Lush Blousey Shampoo

It’s Friday night (at the time of writing), I’m just sat here catching up on some of my recorded telly, drinking coffee, playing stupid Facebook games and I’ve just realised I am stroking my hair like I have OCD….with a few more sniffs of my hair than is strictly sane looking…it occurred to me that I could be doing something more constructive, so here I am writing about the Lush shampoo I’m currently loving.

Blousey is a new addition to Lush’s hair care range and is a banana based shampoo.

Before I discuss it in more detail I just want to say I think Lush are really upping their game at the moment. For the first time in over a year I’ve just been on the site and filled a fantasy shopping basket. I can actually only afford to buy a couple of things but let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to treat myself to a load of products. But anyway, I digress. Blousey is, as I say, a banana based shampoo, for damaged, bleached or fragile hair and in particular, coloured hair.

Lush and I don’t have a good relationship when it comes to to their shampoos and conditioners, one of the lovely lovely staff in my local store (hello Izzy!) has spent years making it her personal mission to find something that works for me, to no avail. Some of the products work for the first week or two, before slowly but surely turning my hair to straw. Blousey has not done this and is in fact my new shampoo love.

I have to admit, it’s not the most visually appealing shampoo in the world…

Lush Blousey Shampoo

It’s made with lots of bananas, cocoa butter and cupuacu butter (I don’t know what that is!), those ingredients make it nice and moisturising. Then there’s cloves, star anise and pimento to add shine. And the scent… well it’s not banana as you might expect, it’s rose, blackcurrant, rosemary and juniperberry. The scent is fairly powerful, but it doesn’t linger for ages, but I do love it.

So thank you Lush, I love this! Now you’ve just got to find me a conditioner! I’m pinning my hopes on Happy Happy Joy Joy or Big Solid Conditioner.

This is a lovely lovely shampoo and as someone who doesn’t usually get on with Lush shampoo’s I can wholeheartedly recommend this one.

Only downside is the price, which is £18 for 240g. I can’t see me buying it as regularly as I would like so will be saving this for special 😉

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

3 responses to “Lush Blousey Shampoo”

  1. Vicky says:

    This is on my list to try, sounds amazing from what I’ve heard. As a side note, would recommend Big solid conditioner!

  2. LNR says:

    I went into Lush recently and was really excited by all the new products they had! Was a bit 😐 at the prices of the shampoos, but came away with the Mexican Christmas shower gel. Will be going back to stock up on Snow Fairy as per before long too 🙂

  3. OPI Addict says:

    great review 🙂 I’m really loving Lush’s new hair care products, this one looks lovely as well!

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