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So from gradual tans yesterday, it’s time to take a look at one of Lush’s latest additions. Charlotte Island wash off fake tan.

Lush Charlotte Island

It comes in two sizes 100g £4.95 and 240g for £9.95.

I was scared. its a strong colour in the bottle and if you read yesterdays post you’ll know tanning is not my forte. On my hand it was still a strong colour…

Lush Charlotte Island

Smells nice though, light and fruity.

Smeared onto my leg it was still a strong colour. No turning back now!

Lush Charlotte Island

As I rubbed it in it did this:

You know when products roll up sometimes? It was only this tiny bit, that brushed away and it didn’t happen again. Just got out of the shower so maybe I didn’t remove all the shower gel or something. Who knows?!

I was in poor light so I just kept adding more layers since I couldn’t see any difference…I can confirm it is buildable and despite my shoddy and heavy application, it’s decidedly not orange. Goes on easily, you can see where its going (when you’re in good light) and its made my legs lovely and soft. It’s not a heavy colour on me, which is good, I wouldn’t like it if it was. Please excuse these pictures, my legs are disgusting. But here are pics of one leg done and one leg not done and I hope you can see the difference!

Lush Charlotte Island

Brilliant. This is perfect for me. Absolutely perfect. next time I’m fancying wearing a skirt, I’ll be reaching for this to take the edge off my whiteness, not faffing about with fake tans and worrying about streaks and exfoliating! Well done Lush this is very nice indeed.

3 responses to “Lush Charlotte Island Review”

  1. Kel says:

    Looks really natural on, bit very scary when in the bottle!!
    X x

  2. Charlie says:

    Yes – it does look scary but its not!

  3. Replica says:

    That does look good for us pale folk, mind you I don’t tend to get my legs out these days, aren’t what they use to be 🙂

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