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Lush Curly Wurly
Lush Retread

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Lush Shampoos and Conditioners and have found that after a couple of weeks of regular use my hair turns to straw… it’s like my hair craves silicones or some other ingredient that Lush generally avoids…but the combination of the above two products used two or three times a week (and using my usual products for other washes) seems to be working like a charm on my hair at the moment.

Lets have a look at them in more detail. Starting with Curly Wurly.

Lush Curly Wurly

This is a tub of thick coconut based paste. It’s like a pot of coconut rice pudding. The smell is incredible. And what’s more is that it’s one of those scents that really lingers in your hair which I really like, I love swishing my hair the next day and getting that waft of coconut. The shampoo is officially for curly hair, hence the name, I have wavy hair, there’s heaps of it so its thick in that sense, but the hair itself is actually very fine. My hair is also very fussy indeed. If it doesn’t like a product it really doesn’t like it.

So we have a rich shampoo base that is FULL of dessicated coconut, then there’s cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter and olive oil for deep conditioning and then theres linseed and egg for softness and papaya and lemon juice for shine. It’s truly a wonder.

It’s not the easiest product to use, it takes a bit of working in but then produces a fantastic rich later and it takes a LOT of rinsing out. I find that I can’t quite get all of it out when I rinse out the shampoo but when I rinse out my conditioner whatever was left disappears with ease.

My hair is considerably less fly away after use but not laden with product, it’s shiny and healthy looking and it smells divine. Definitely will be buying another pot when this is gone. It’s £9.50 for 220g but well worth it.

Then we have Retread Conditioner.

Lush Retread

This time round we’ve got a seaweed and lanolin base, with soya milk for protein, then olive, jojoba and avocado oils for conditioning. Then there’s melon and yoghurt. This is a heavy duty conditioner and in conjunction with the Curly Wurly shampoo is absolutely heavenly for my hair. I don’t love the smell especially but it’s not horrible either and to be honest, once my hair is rinsed and dried, I only get the coconutty vanillary goodness of the shampoo so a bonus for me is that the scent isn’t over powering. I really love this and it will also be a product I will buy. It’s £9.50 for 245g. The only thing with this is that I do tend to use a lot in one go, not sure why, but I don’t even care. Love it.

I very highly recommend both of these products. Available from https://www.lush.co.uk/.

*Disclosure – these two products were both PR samples but I have purchased in the past and will purchase again for sure!*

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  1. Jan says:

    I can never get beyond that all pervading Lush aroma which come in swathes about 4 shops before the emporium itself, almost as warning! So saying the only product that I have ever bought from Lush was their henna brick and it was wondorous, and I do love coconut. Thanks Charlie.

  2. misspeony says:

    Very nice!
    Visit my blog, we can follow each others

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