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Lush Lips

When Lush make things I like, I REALLY like them and whilst so much isn’t for me since I decided I only like showering these lip products for Christmas are great… I’m actually contemplating back ups!

So first up the Pow Wow lip scrub (£4.75). It’s a seriously unattractive colour but don’t let it put you off. It’s a lime scented scrub full of sugar and popping candy. In addition there’s ginseng and caffeine to help you party all night and then there’s organic jojoba oil, rose hip oil and argan oil. I admit it’s not the easiest to use for a few reasons. Firstly my pot seems to have a bit too much oil in it so when I dip my finger in the pot I mostly get oil with a few bits of scrub. That’s ok, it’s super moisturising but it is very green and if it goes over the edges of your lips you WILL see it on your skin because it’s green. Then the other thing is that the popping candy is not the easiest to scrub with because of the shapes and sizes. That said it tastes and smells gorgeous and it leaves my lips so incredibly soft and flake free, even if they were flaky to start with. A great product with loads of gorgeous ingredients and a little kick to help you through the part season.

And then there’s the Celebrate Lip Tint,  also £4.75. A tinted lip balm in pale pink.

Lush Celebrate Lip Tint

It looks so pretty in its tin but actually that popping candy on the top is a bit irritating because it sticks on your lips. That aside, this smells gorgeous, and for some reason it was a hugely nostalgic smell for me, I’ve not been able to work out yet what it reminds me of, maybe it’s just sherbet lemons or something but it smells gorgeous.  It’s supposedly  cognac, lemon and grapefruit, I just get fruity loveliness. The colour of the tint is gorgeous and so is the texture. I’ve read reports that some people have found it a bit drying, that’s not been the case for me at all, maybe because I’m using it regularly in conjunction with the scrub, but my lips are definitely kissably soft. You just have to inspect closely to make sure you don’t have lumps of popping candy stuck to your lips!

It’s a pink with a very subtle golden lustre.

Lush Celebrate Lip Tint

And I’m sorry about this horribly unflattering photo you’re about to see, but it’s the only one I took that came out in focus…and I just wanted to show the colour in the context of my face.

Lush Celebrate Lip Tint

Love it and although I’m considering back ups of both products it’s the tint especially I love.  Only next tin I get I’ll scrape the extremely pretty popping candy off the top first.

I am also fancying very muchly the other two Christmas lip tints, Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle. It’s the latter that’s really calling my name though, jojoba, cocoa butter  and chilli… and it’s orange. Looks gorgeous on the Lush website.

There are some lovely things from Lush this Christmas, some old favourites and some new but the lip products are my absolute favourites.

Go have a look, https://phoenix.lush.co.uk/

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger says:

    I keep seeing Celebrate on blogs and wanting it…but forgetting when I’m in Lush, I’ll have to make a special trip!

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