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Mac A Tartan Tale

Funny the reaction this collection has had on people. Some love it, others hate it and loads of people are indifferent. Then theres those who just think Mac are over rated and I frequently come across people who like to have little digs about my love of Mac. I refuse to give in to it though. I know I don’t love everything they put out, I’m not a slave to the brand by any means, but when I want something, if I can afford it, I’ll get it.

Anyway, I love the imagery for this collection. I didn’t at first, but the model’s face is so stunning, I just love it. I really do not like the tartan packaging though. Thankfully I’m not too bothered about packaging, so long as it’s functional, it only lives in my drawer anyway, I just want the products to work.

It’s a huge collection. Huge. There’s the colour story, then all the lip bags and eye bags and brush kits and still to be launched, next month I think, are the mini pigment and lip sets.

Making my short list wasn’t easy actually and I’ve had to miss out several things I’d really likely, namely the tartan eyeshadows. Yes all of them. I couldn’t decide on just one, I simply wanted them all, but I couldn’t have all of them so I didn’t get any. Instead this is what I got:

Mac A Tartan Tale

Thats the Beauties Play it Cool palette, the Moonlight Night and Family Crest Pigments, My Highland Honey Blush and Style Clan Nail Varnish, and in the parcel was a little sample of face primer. Never had a sample from Mac before so thats nice and I look forward to trying it.
I’ll do a seperate post on Style Clan polish soon but it essentially brown with what appears to be copper flakies. It looks really pretty but we’ll see. Here’s a close up of the bottle:

Mac A Tartan Tale


I seem to be completely obsessed with blushers and with one notable exception Mac Blushers have yet to let me down.  Of the two blushers this really took my fancy, a quite orange, yet soft blusher. Can’t wait to try it out.
Mac My Highland HoneyMac My Highland Honey
Next up the Pigments. Firstly, this is my first experience of the new jars, they seem tiny. I dont mind really, it’ll last me forever. I grabbed The Family Crest and Moonlight Night. I did an abysmal job of capturing the colours, sorry about that, please view full size for the best effect. Moonlight Night is a dark grey/black full of green shimmer, I’m sure it will be spectacular foiled, however I’m not sure how much use I’ll get from it so haven’t decided if I’ll keep it or not. Family Crest is a blackened bronze with bronze pearl and is gorgeous. These are so twinkly and pretty.
Lastly the Beauties Play It Cool palette. All along I was going to get the Reelers & Rockers palette but at the last minute I changed my mind, I’d still love Reelers & Rockers but decided that I already had some similar colours.
Mac Beauties Play It Cool
I don’t get on with purples as a rule but this palette called out to me as its purple themed but not obviously so, so I’m hoping it’ll work for me. The shades are Silverwear, a lilac-y frosty silvery white, Hold My Gaze, a stunning shade and I’ve never seen anything like it, a grey with gold shimmer, To The Ball, a grey purple shade, Altered State, a Veluxe Pearl finishe darkish purple with shimmer, Magic Moor, another veluxe pearl dark dark plum and lastly Heather Belles which is a dark gray.
Mac Beauties Play It Cool
Mac Beauties Play It Cool
I am just so sad I couldn’t aford the tartan eyeshadows as I really wanted those too.
Anyone buy anything or just me this time?

0 responses to “Mac A Tartan Tale – A Small Haul With Swatches”

  1. Justine @ Productrater says:

    I got the “my highland honey” blush and that was it for me 😉

  2. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger says:

    I like the look of the polish – but to be honest when it comes to Mac, I don’t bother with new collections and trends, I wear what I like/suits me (though I did really want the Marine Life highlighter that sold out in like 5 mins). I detest the tartan packaging too!

  3. Jennifer says:

    🙂 i got the orange blush too! My friend gave me one of the tartan eyeshadows, and i used it twice and now i want to swap it away LOL am too lazy for eyeshadows really!

  4. i’m hoping i’ll get that eyeshadow pallette for xmas, i’ve developed a little obsession with purple!

  5. Holly says:

    Loving my highland honey and the pearlglide liners xx

  6. lipstickmama says:

    I think the trouble with MAC is that they have been around a long time and it is a “familiarity breeds contempt” sort of existance when at least for me this was the first brand that allowed, nay encouraged me to try, with absolutely no pressure to buy, the quality is always good, and whilst I don’t always buy, I am always interested in the new collections and love to read about what others think. Thankyou Charlie. Jan x

  7. becca says:

    I got the nail polish and a couple of the eyeshadow palettes, I already have the nail polish on and LOVE it! 🙂 x

  8. ModestyBrown says:

    I haven’t picked anything up from this collection. I usually don’t get anything from the Holiday collections. They’re so big and they’re one thing that always pops up in the CCO.

    I confess, the Tartan in particular has put me off. Very interesting to see swatches though and how it looks in the flesh.
    Jane x

  9. une tasse says:

    My Highland Honey is such a gorgeous colour and the only thing that really stood out for me in this collection.

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