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I can’t remember quite where I first saw the Mac Dark Desires collection, but I knew that I needed it in my life, and this feeling increased with each swatch or review I saw. Sadly, the old budget put something of a dampener on my shopping plans so I ended up with just three pieces.

Mac Dark Desires I bought all my products from Mac Online, so it was nice to receive a couple of samples with my order, firstly of the Skin Base Primer and secondly the Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara.

Onto the Dark Desires Products, starting with the Lipstick. I picked up Boyfriend Stealer which is a blackened plum shade, in a cremesheen finish. Mac Boyfriend StealerActually I don’t like cremesheen finishes generally speaking, but I knew that if was going to wear this colour, it couldn’t be too opaque, so this finish is ideal. One swipe gets me my ideal coverage for a shade like this, but it can be built up for greater impact.

Mac Boyfriend Stealer Mac Boyfriend StealerIt is a tricky colour to wear, very cool, with a touch of grey, but I love it. I prefer to wear it with everything else pared back, but it would look phenomenal with smokey eyes for an evening look.

Which leads me neatly onto the Into the Well eyeshadows.

Mac Into The WellThese eyeshadows offer a little well in the centre, the reason being, you can use the centre like an inkwell with a wet brush. These were released in five shades and I wanted all of them, there’s also a darkest blue, darkest brown and a black, and it took me two days to choose the shades I was going to get. I’m happy with my choices but I still want the others.

Okay starting with the Mac Dark Desires Into the Well Shadow.

Mac Dark DesiresThis is a blackened aubergine shade and really gorgeous.

I also picked up What’s Your Fantasy.

Mac What's Your FantasyOfficially this is a black with heavy multi-coloured pearl. I actually think its a dark grey with gold glitter. Whatevs, its beautiful.

Before I purchased, I read reviews about these not being especially amazing when used dry. I think they are just fine, they are obviously nothing like as pigmented dry, as they are wet, but that suits me just fine and is actually the whole reason I wanted them. I don’t find them patchy, and they blend very well, but the reason I was so taken with the idea of these is that you can apply them dry as a single wash of dark smokey colour, and then line using the same product wet. And I have to say they work brilliantly. My eyeshadow skills aren’t brilliant so I won’t show you but hopefully my swatches below will give a good idea of how they work. Dark Desires is a stunning colour, but What’s your Fantasy is glorious, both are amazing wet and so brilliantly easy to use. They make the most incredibly eye liners, my only tip would be to wear a primer, as I did get some transfer to my upper eyelid without it. The lines themselves though stayed put all day.

Anyway, swatches, left is Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick, Dark Desires Into the Well Eyeshadow dry, then wet, and finally What’s your Fantasy dry, then wet.

Mac Dark DesiresThe bad news is that none of these products are available online any more. However, most of the eyeshadows are available from Debenhams online and it is most definitely worth checking your local Mac stores/counters as my local was quite well stocked.

A really lovely collection, one of the nicest I’ve seen from Mac in a long time!

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  1. The lipstick is just beautiful! I love dark colours for makeup and the purple shadows so pretty

  2. Agata says:

    Love the shade of this lipstick and it suits you perfectly.

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