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I expect by now you’ve all seen this new Mac Collection. It’s huge. I wanted lots of bits from it but common sense took hold and I scaled my list down considerably to just four items. I also changed my mind right at the last minute about which quad I was going to get… it was going to be the purple (Burmese Beauty if I recall correctly) but at the last minute I decided upon the Leopard Lux one and I’m so glad I did!

Here’s what I got:

Mac Fabulous Felines

So theres the Desires & Devices Liquid Liner, The Leopard Lux quad (yes you do spy a taupe there), the Wildly Refined Lipglass and Aristo-Cat Lipstick.

And here’s two swatch photos because I couldn’t decide which was the best….

Mac Fabulous FelinesMac Fabulous Felines

I would especially recommend enlarging the last picture. I think its obvious which swatch is which but the top row is the liner and quad, underneath is the lipglass and under that the lipstick.

The liner is olive green with lots of gold and dark sparkle, the quad features a camel, an orangey gold, a taupe with gold shimmer (although it’s really hard to spot) and dark grey. It’s really fabulous. Anyway, as soon as they arrived I had to put the eyeshadow and liner to use 🙂 As usual, I’m not very good at doing eye make up so don’t expect a fabulous demonstration of the products, this isn’t the blog to read if you want tutorials or fabulous examples of artistry 😉

Mac Fabulous FelinesMac Fabulous FelinesMac Fabulous Felines

The Leopard Lux quad is really lovely. It’s a bit different from the usual neutrals, I love the yellowy shades, the camel and the gold, which make a change from creams and beige.

So have you bought anything from this collection or is it just too meh for you?

4 responses to “Mac Fabulous Felines Mini Haul”

  1. DebDobDoorNob says:

    Oooh i love that lipstick! I wouldn’t normally be drawn to darker colours like Aristo-cat but the swatch looks really pretty!! I have spied the Of Royalty lipstick from this collection and I think it will be mine, all mine, very soon 🙂


  2. Charlie says:

    It really is a beautiful lipstick, hard to describe on, like a shimmery mauve maybe…no not frosty, or mauve really. Hmm whatever it is, it’s lovely! I wll investigate Of Royalty.

  3. TheBristolBeautyBlog says:

    How was the liner to apply? I’m thinking of swatching some and maybe making a purchase as some of the colours look great, but I find liquid liner so hard to apply! x

  4. Charlie says:

    I struggle with liquid liners too. I can never do a perfect line, this was pretty easy to use and gave me better results than some, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more colours if that helps!

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