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Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeOver the years I’ve owned lots of Mac’s Mineralize Skinfishes. Some I still have and love and some went in blog sales. While I’ve previously reviewed the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, the ones without the word natural in the name serve different purposes. These beautiful domes of baked powder mostly serve as blushers and/or highlighters and the finishes range from soft and subtle through to uber chunks of shimmer.

I treated myself to the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinisha while ago and its fair to say its my favourite of the lot.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s an incredibly looking product and always used to be released on a limited edition basis in collections, but at some point it became a permanent product, probaly because of enduring demand. The powder consists of swirls of pastel shades, peach, blue, pink and yellow/gold. The nature of this product means each one is going to be slightly different, I would imagine that the end result for most would be the same though when swirled together with your brush.

The powder itself is incredibly soft and smooth, and whilst it gives a beautiful soft glow, it’s not what I’d call shimmery, and most definitely not glittery. In short, its my perfect highlighter.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeAnd while I don’t choose to wear it every day, it’s a soft enough glow to wear in the day time if you want to, and I do sometimes.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s a whopping £24 but bear in mind they are big, weighing in at 10g, compared to a Mac Blusher which is 6g and retails at £18.50.

I bought mine from my local Mac store.

3 responses to “Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade”

  1. Alice Gorman says:

    This looks gorgeous! My absolute fave highlighter from Kiko has been discontinued and I’ve been looking for a new one. I have MACs Global Glow which is gorgeous but very bronze so need a new pale pink x


    • justcharlieg says:

      Definitely have a look at this one, its really pretty and soft <3 I don't know Global Glow, going to google it now!! x

  2. This looks amazing – I love the bluey tones, it gives a really pretty finish 🙂

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