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I mentioned recently that I’ve had a little return to Mac after a lengthy break, and I’m honestly wondering what I was thinking because all of the items I bought have been excellent.

Today I’m reviewing the Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance primer in Radiant Pink.

Mac Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Before I go any further, we just need to talk about the packaging. You can’t tell in the above photo, but both the box and the pump bottle sparkle…

Mac Prep & Prime Natural Radiance I wasn’t at all expecting the glitter and its so pretty. Just wanted to mention it as its a cute change from Macs normal plain black packaging and containers.

I’ve used primers in the past but none have been miraculous enough to keep me using it daily. Some have been outright terrible. Some have broken me out. Some have been okay but not mind blowing. I have however been having problems with foundation on my nose. Although my nose doesn’t feel especially dry, it would seem that when I apply foundation there, my nose is actually bone dry, and patchy, and its very difficult to get a good foundation application on my nose and even my most favourite foundation isn’t perfect. While I was in the Mac store recently I asked for a foundation recommendation, but when I explained my problem they suggested I keep using my foundations, but try a primer and this is the one they suggested.

Prep + Prime Natural Radiance is available in both Radiant Pink and Radiant Yellow, but with my pink tones, it had to be pink for me. Actually its the merest hint of colour so I’d imagine it wouldn’t make a tremendous difference if you were to buy the wrong shade.

Mac Prep & Prime Natural Radiance The texture is a gel formulation and is really light,  and it hydrates and primes with the intention of hydrating, while making your foundation apply smoothly, control oil and improving texture. There are lovely ingredients too, vitamins and plant extracts as well as pearl powders for radiance. And a great relief for me, if there are silicones, they are light handed. There isn’t the usual velvety feel you get with silicone heavy primers, and they usual break me out. I’ve only been using this for a week, but so far no break outs and under usual circumstances, it takes as little as a day for a product to cause me spots.

I absolutely love this. Yes it does impart some radiance which is lovely, it definitely gives me some glow. There are also definite sparkles, however, they are are widely spread and tiny, meaning that once your foundation is in place they are not visible at all, which is good.

The main reason I love this is my foundation does look flawless, even on my nose, when I use this, its perfect. Not only that, but it stays that way for much longer than foundations usually do, a good eight hours, where my foundation has usually slipped by lunchtime.

I also like that it works as well on my dry patches as it does on my more oily patches… hello chin. All areas are equal when it comes to this primer, so I’d say it was suitable for most skins, if not all.

The only downside in fact is the price, at £29.50 this is a pricey product, but you do get 50ml and you need only the smallest amount for your whole face. Smaller than a pea size blob and I’d envision this lasting ages.

If you’ve got the cash and you’re looking for a primer, I’d definitely recommend this one. Check out your local Mac shop/counter or online.

7 responses to “Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Review”

  1. I have the exact same problem when applying foundation on my nose!!!! It is very pricey but when I’ve finished my current primer I will be looking into this- thanks!

    • justcharlieg says:

      Its so annoying isn’t it! My nose looks just fine until I put foundation on it then its a mess of dry patches! I would definitely recommend this!

  2. Daniella says:

    I love MAC primers, my daughter stole my last one which was great at hiding my dry patches so my foundation didn’t look caked. I love the packaging of this one.

  3. Ickle Pickle says:

    I have never tried a primer – I know if I had this that my eldest daughter would pinch it – she adores MAC! Kaz x

  4. Stella says:

    I will be checking this out. I have one from the body shop which is OK but I think I need a change.

  5. Oh this sounds great and I love the packaging! Primers are hard to get right aren’t they, I only have one that I quite like and I’ve tried loads. Love Mac too x

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