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It’s well documented that I LOVE matte lipsticks, in fact despite a huge lipstick collection, its a matte I’ll reach for nearly all of the time. I bought Mac’s Whirl lipstick on the back of all the hype later. I love the nineties lip colour trend (possibly because in the early 90’s I was in my teens) and I love matte lipstick, so I just had to get this lipstick didn’t I?

It’s described on the website as matte Dirty Rose.

Mac Whirl LipstickI’d agree with the dirty rose description, although its not a description I’d give it. No I’d go for reddish brown, because I’m descriptive like that!

mac whirl lipstickI absolutely love it, but it comes off a little darker than the picture above and a little more matte. Its similar to Gerard Cosmetics 1995, which I also love.

mac whirl lipstick

mac whirl lipstick (2)A final note, the wear time on this is excellent. I can apply it in the morning and it’ll still be there mid afternoon, albeit faded. A great purchase in my humble opinion and its been a very long time since I bought  Mac lipstick!

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, this shade and similar shades are big news right now, so hop on the bandwagon and grab one for yourself from Mac Cosmetics for £15.50

2 responses to “Mac Whirl Lipstick Review”

  1. This looks lovely on you. I love the 90s trend too. This one reminds me of some Rimmel lipsticks I used to wear at school then. I can’t remember the names now (Heather Shimmer?!) but everyone had them. They were unfortunately really shimmery so I’m glad we have some matte options now!

    • justcharlieg says:

      I had Heather Shimmer as well as Coffee Shimmer. I loved them both! I also had one from Boots 17 called Toffee Apple I think which I loved which was a reddish brown!

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