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While getting dressed up and painting our faces still has the same charm it had when we were young, it’s important that we remember to take care of our eyes. Luckily, there are a number of makeup items that are safe for your skin and eyes. With the array of makeup options to choose from, it can be difficult to discern what brands are best for you. Ladies with sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients in specific brands, and those women who wear contact lenses find it especially challenging to procure the makeup that is right for you, isn’t harmful to you skin, won’t cause obnoxious break outs, and don’t aggravate your contact lenses. Thus, it’s essential that you search every beauty counter, blog, and magazine for the right makeup products that not only look good on your face, but also don’t pose any hazards to your skin or your eyes. Here are a few beauty and makeup products that won’t damage your complexion and are designed especially for those with allergies and sensitivities.

Accentuate Your Best Facial Features without Harming Your Skin

Even if you have sensitive skin or allergies you can still partake in the latest makeup trends. In order to keep your skin smooth, clear, and free of breakouts, opt for cosmetics that are free of fragrances, chemicals, and preservatives. Keep in mind that although many makeup products carry labels that say they’re hypoallergenic, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe to use on sensitive skin, therefore, it’s best to carefully read the labels and test the products on your skin before you make your final purchase. Many department stores and other retailers that sell makeup often offer free samples of beauty products that you can take home and try before you buy. Those with extreme makeup sensitivities should try natural, organic beauty products like those available from Aveda or skip heavy items like liquid foundations and use a powder for
mula that has a lighter consistency instead. Always remember to use a sunscreen that contains an SPF of 15 or higher.

Highlight Your Eyes without Damaging Them

As any women who has ever worn eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascara can attest, wearing eye makeup can cause irritation if it gets in your eyes. This problem can be worse for those who wear contact lenses as lenses can be severely damaged if certain kinds of makeup get trapped between the lens and the eye. Before you apply any type of makeup around your eyes, be sure to learn how to properly care for your lenses when wearing makeup. I found a helpful guide online at Acuvue. Additionally, you should avoid applying oil-based makeup around your eyes in order to prevent bits of foundation from going into your eyes and steer clear of sporting false eyelashes while wearing your lenses as the glue can get in your eyes and damage your contacts. Remember to use mascara and eyeliner sparingly and apply any eye shadow or powder gently to prevent particles from flaking and getting into your eyes.

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