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I don’t know if you know but a just under a year ago we
moved house. We upgraded when we moved and really had to stretch ourselves
financially in order to buy the house meaning we weren’t left with anything to
do any real decorating or refurbishing needed.
Fortunately, the house we bought was clean and fairly
neutrally decorated in style so we’ve been happy to live with it all this time
knowing that one day we’ll be able to do what we need to do to make it our
The only thing I really really don’t like is the wardrobes in our
bedroom. Whilst for the first time ever we’ve got built in wardrobes and  I have a whole cupboard devoted to shoes, they
are white. I don’t even know how to describe them really but they look something
like this finish.
This isn’t my actual bedroom, but you get the picture. We
can’t afford all new doors or anything like that for now so we’ve had to make
the best of it and I’ve found the way to do this is with accessories! I have a
beautiful crackle glass vase, and candles, and a huge modern vase thing in one
corner, but I’ve been wondering what to do with my make up and brushes. I used
to have one of those fab Ikea dressing tables, but it wouldn’t fit in this room
so it had to go and the built in furniture has a tiny tiny little table with a tiny
tiny little drawer in. Which is fine, I have a lot of stuff in there, but on
top I have a couple of Muji drawers and then this black monstrosity that houses
all my pencils, brushes and mascaras. I’ve been on the hunt to prettify this
system and now I have the answer. More vases. I want vases to  store these things in and have been hunting
the John Lewis site for answers!
These little vases come in various sizes, but all small and
I can imagine having a row of them along the back of my desk, housing all the bits
I need, perfect.  But I notice you can
get bigger ones so maybe I’ll just go for a couple of those instead. I will
probably pop in store to take a look.



But that’s me, I like simple things in terms of décor, but
you could go mad. These are so cute and would really suit a more shabby chic
style, and are fairly affordable at £12, although I think they are tiny!

So before I go shopping, how do you store your pencils and brushes?

*Please note this is a sponsored post. The content was completely written by me as usual*

4 responses to “Make Up Storage from John Lewis”

  1. m4dswine says:

    I have vases too but mine are from IKEA (no JL in Austria). I only store my brushes in them as my pencils live in one of the drawers of my make up storage thing (I have one of those metal 6 drawer things from IKEA with the Antonius inserts).

  2. Applebypie says:

    I have an Alex drawer from Ikea that I store all my make up in , but on top I do have some glass jars with my brushes in. They do look very pretty like this !

  3. PrettyInPink says:

    I have some of my brushes in a pottery holder thing,my son made in primary school.The rest of them are in some coloured cups i got from a carboot sale.

  4. PrettyInPink says:

    I use a pottery pot my son made in primary school.He called it an ugly mug.
    I also use a cup he decorated. And some pink and purple ceramic cups. I got them from a carboot sale 🙂

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